Lessons Learned

January 12, 2015

Hey good morning ma! 

I'll tell you what, I have just been in such a great mood this past week. Things are just peaceful amongst the turmoil. I know that God is happy with me and I am looking forward to teaching with power and authority and working hard until the end! And I am excited to get down on some Monopoly with my family surrounded by good food and nothing else to do!

[What was the highlight of your mission?] I can't answer what the highlight of my mission is! Haha it's a highlight reel! Miracles continue to abound here in the Greater OCM [Ohio Cincinnati Mission]. One of the highlights was when I was called to be an Assistant though. Time slowed down in that instant and it prepared me more for life than the rest of my mission has. 

[What are 3 lessons you have learned from your mission?] 3 Lessons that my mission has taught me (I will expound later): Goals, Accountability, and Grace- Doctrine of Christ- Love comes with pain.

[In what ways has your mission changed who you are?] Throughout my mission Christ has changed who I am in multiple ways. Examples that are in the front of my mind are that my desires and goals are more focused on Him rather than things like Call of Duty. I get way more satisfaction out of family time or visiting someone than I do getting a high Kill/Death ratio. I look forward to work. This can still be changed more, but I recognize the difference of being lazy and working hard and the joy that comes when you are ACTIVELY following God at all times. The way I present myself in different moments has changed too. I have learned when to be serious or reverent and when to kick back and have casual fun. And I can't wait to read all sorts of church literature! There is so much more to be learned! I wouldn't mind learning Hebrew ;)

[In what ways are you the same as ever?] I am the same person, just a lot closer to Christ because of his guiding hand. I still naturally love people and want them to succeed. I like to nerd out. I still love the Book of Mormon. I still love eating out. I really like my family too. 

[What else is on your mind?] President Porter brought up in Leadership Council the similarity of the end of your mission and the end of your mortal existence. It's pretty interesting what is going on in my head. I reflect back on what has happened and who I have known and what I have learned. I don't really know details about what comes after this transition to real life. I am excited to return, but I am very excited for the time I have here in the beloved Ohio as well. Happy here and happy to leave! I am at peace.

Thanks mom, 9 days :P

Love, Elder Fivas

ps. I have loved all of the letters. Thank you to the Woods family for always treating me to something delicious! I hope they get to experience the joys of Cincinnati food!