Thanksgiving 2014

December 1, 2014

Mom!! Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!! I didn't even need Nana's calendar to remind me of it :P Make sure Tio Danny is nice to you ;)
Turkey bowl apparel

[How was your Thanksgiving?  What did you do on Thanksgiving?] Thanksgiving was an awesome time for me! The package you got to me was super thoughtful! I am trying to make it for dinner with an investigator couple ;)
Thanksgiving Dinner #1

Thanksgiving Dinner #2
There were a couple of families that fed us on Thanksgiving with more willing to do so! The Fife family fed us and so did the Nissen family. It was such a good time! Food is great and I love being with Elder Tanner and Elder Day in the same ward as Elder Sunderland and me. I just have a good time here. We started off thanksgiving with a turkey bowl (football game) and ended by giving a new investigator a plate of leftovers. 

[What would you like for your birthday? (Dec. 14th)] The only thing that I could think of wanting was a key chain oil vial for blessings. Then Elder Sunderland gave me his extra one. haha 

I think the new "He is the Gift" initiative is great! The video is so simple and profound! I am grateful for all of God's gift to us, especially His Son. I have been getting closer to God lately. I was starting to cut corners unintentionally because I was leaning on experience. That's a no-no! I have focused once again on being accountable to God and setting goals by the Spirit and then seeing grace as God's hand is shown in the work we're trying to participate in. I know God lives because I have walked with Him. I am glad He got my attention again!

[What would you like for Christmas?] I really do enjoy the Institute manuals. I only have the Book of Mormon Institute manual (I think for Religion 121) right now. But I would really like to have the one for all of the church canon.

awesome chinese buffets baby!
The new Religion 211-212 New Testament manual looks so enticing. Those would be a great gift but I wouldn't need those out here. Preach my Gospel is more than enough ;)

Golden Dragon Buffet
President Porter has a list of books for RM's to read too, and I am very excited to read those. I am interested in the biography of Elder McConkie too. There is sooo much to learn out there! Also! There is a dictionary replica of the Webster's dictionary in 1828 which would be an awesome resource to have as well as Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. If there are electronic versions though then no need for an expensive book :P

pottery fun day
[What do you need?  Anything wearing out?] My clothes are definitely wearing out :P But I can make it two months! 

my dream car in blue!
[Are you freezing there yet?] It is getting pretty nasty cold. The cold here is different. Even without wind it just pierces you. But I have good winter clothes and a car.

Also, Rally's burgers are way good. 
Anyone ever had one?

Frisch's boi!

Thank you so much for everything, parents!!

Love, Elder Fivas