#He is the Gift Initative

We did service at a farm.
It was way fun dumping manure
and petting the horses and
chillin' with the donkeys, pigs and goats
December 8, 2014

Exchange Party!
[How has the Christmas Season affected missionary work?] Missionary work during Christmas is way fun so far!

In the world, all the missionaries are all about the "He is the Gift" initiative. We are using that sik (awesome) video for a lot of things. We have not seen any success directly from it just yet but it will come fo show. The cool pass along cards are all the rage. Did you get some in your Ensign? It's super interesting to see all of the social media things that the church is doing. Still can't use it in the Greater OCM though ;)
Elders Day, Tanner, Sunderland, Fivas

We actually went caroling with a member family as a part of the mission's plans to use the initiative. The Anderson's are way cool. It was a lot of fun to sing and invite ourselves into strangers' homes to use their computer. It only worked all the way once, but the spirit was felt at every door to be sure. 

Elder Fivas and Elder Tanner
[What was your District Leader Specialized Training all about last month?] The Specialized training was to prepare us for the #socialmediasplit last Saturday. It was fun and I would say that ours was a success. Sister Jewell is the awesomest cookie baker ever! She was so gracious to host us. I love her sons too, they help us a lot. She even fed us after we used her stuff to make cookies for investigators. If you google #socialmediasplit I am sure you will find pictures of me.
Elder Tanner and Elder Sunderland

[How is it that you Elders didn't have to change over from backpacks  to shoulder bags?] We were kind of grandfathered in to the backpack rule :P I was already out when they started telling people to only bring carrier pouches so they never made us go buy new things. So when missionaries get here, they sometimes will just buy a backpack :P I very seldom use a backback though. That's the perks of having a car. I have my scripture case with pamphlets and that's all I usually need. Elder Sunderland even gave me an oil vial keychain that I put in my case. That case as seen so much. Didn't I get it when I was 8? My scriptures are still in great shape because of that nice case though! I do love that old quad.

[Are you going to be transferred this week?] I am staying in Hamilton to finish out baby! Which is great news! Elder Tanner is still here and Elder Sunderland is still my companion. It will be a bummer to not see so many of my friends' departing testimonies tomorrow but I will deal.

We partied on exchanges this week. It was awesome haha. I saved the glow sticks for such an occassion. Elder Sunderland has a great strobe light on his bike light ;) PARTAY
Is this the morning after the party?

That's all I can think of for now family! I love you all very much and was thinking of you on Thanksgiving so it was cool to see pictures of Uncle Brian's [Fivas] house. I am looking forward to thuggin with family again.

And happy belated birthday Grandma!!!! I saw that it was her birthday [Dec. 4th] because of familysearch.org haha

Elder Fivas