Christmas Program

It was my birthday morning! (Wearing Kelsey's gift)
The assistants surprised me with birthday bacon.
December 22, 2014

[Did you get Nana's Card?] I did get some awesome gifts in the mail for my birthday after I emailed on Monday.  Thank you Nana and Johansen family! My birthday kept being awesome even after the day passed. All of the chips are keeping me so happy too! Doritos warm my heart. 
Such classy gentlemen!

[How has the Christmas season soften hearts to the Gospel message?] The Christmas season brings out the best and worst in people that's for sure. I am surprised how many  people are losers and don't want to hear about "He is the Gift" or won't accept a card to watch the video. But the work does really well when the members are taking us caroling and that is a blast. So Satan steps up his game to stop us from ours. Oh well, he'll lose. I have been learning a lot of patience lately. 

Speaking of patience, the Post Office said you won't get the package I sent you until Friday. But I still get to talk to you haha, time is the best gift right? I will be going to the Maddy family's house to FaceTime at 1:00 pm here. So we have 35 minutes to talk and I will call around 1:15. 

[Tell us all about your Christmas Devotional on Dec. 16th.] The Christmas devotional this year was pretty fun and a nice little breather but it was not even close to as fun as last years I must admit. I sang "When Joseph went to Bethlehem" with the elders in my zone and that went ok. My other song was with sister Harding and I felt bad for her because I didn't make it a priority to practice :P I had never heard the piano part for our song and so when it was my turn to sing a little solo I sang completely off key or the wrong notes. It was honestly one of the most embarrassing and horrible experiences of my life. But I can laugh about it and all my buddies told me "oh man you killed it! Yeah boy!" Their word play is funny ;)

We watched meet the Mormons and that was by far the best part of that program. Elder Whiting actually had the best part with his testimony. But those two things were definitely the highlights. 

[Where are you spending Christmas and what are your plans that day?] The Howell family is taking care of us Christmas Eve and the Partlow family has us for Christmas. We are finishing our preparation day on Christmas until one and then finding and teaching and baptizing! 
"Meet the Mormons"

Well today one of the Tongan ladies in our ward is taking us to Chinese Buffet and I am so excited for that!

 Love you family, Merry Christmas! Remember He is the gift!

Elder Fivas