A Rockin' 21st Birthday

December 15, 2014

I had a rockin' awesome birthday!

Thank you so much to all of those you sent some love in the mail! I got it and then some! The cards from grandma and the Boekwegs and from the Woods were all super cool and very much appreciated! 

[How does it feel to be 21 years old now?] I don't know how different it feels but I guess 21 does say a little more life experience than 18 does. My birthday itself was sure an awesome experience though.

[How did you celebrate your birthday?] It started with Elder Stoddard and the Assistants showing up at the apartment with birthday bacon, a tradition started a lifetime ago in Anderson Indiana. Then I opened the packages with everyone together and everything was just perfect! I appreciated all of my favorite things packed into little bundles of joy and all of those chips [Doritos] are a dream come true. Elder Sunderland went nuts for the Bible Videos. 

Elder Sunderland, Kaeden, Elder Fivas, Brittany
So Kaden Saunders came into town this weekend. He was my first Zone Leader and served right here in Hamilton when I knew him. He is one of my heroes and it was a blast to spend the day with him. He was here because our friend and recent convert, Brittany, just went through the temple for the first time. She'll be at BYU-I at the start of the semester.

A hugely awesome experience was that I got to leave church a little early and Brittany and Kaden drove us down to Western Hills so I could see one of my friends there get baptized. It was such a neat experience. Quite a fun baptism too. I got some texts from some people that mean a lot to me out here too. It was all cool. 

[So, what's the story behind the "power stance"? What does it have to do with the Hamilton t-shirt?] So the power stance was made by Elder Tanner and Elder Clare and we think it's awesome so we throw it up as a zone whenever somebody says or does something worthy of it or we get excited. The Hamilton has a dependent unit meeting in downtown Hamilton too (Bishop Foister is still their Bishop) and they meet at a different time so we end up with about 5 and a half hours of church every Sunday. Elder Tanner and Elder Christensen are in charge of that. It's super cool and it's successful so far in getting people in that area to come back more.

Elder Sunderland is holding a chicken
at the farm where we do service.
 Farms are actually pretty fun
when it's not full time. haha
[Is the mission having a Christmas party?] The mission is having a Christmas Devotional Day tomorrow for our half of the mission. I am pumped for it! It appears to be really musical. I have to sing a duet, and [again] with all of the Elders in the zone. They are really reaching out if they need me in two musical numbers haha

Love you much! I am trying to see what I can do for you all for Christmas!


Elder Fivas