Halloween Week

Halloween with Elders Fivas
Sunderland, Tanner, Day
November 3, 2014

Happy 25th Anniversary mom and dad. I am sure grateful for that day! 

Me rocking out with my Halloween bling
I wanted to give you a special thanks for your thoughtful Halloween package that you sent me. It filled my heart with the spirit when I opened it and saw the time and resources you put into making me happy. You really touched me and surprised me with extra generous gift cards. I am just really grateful.
Glow-in-the-dark glasses and mini pumpkins

And happy birthday to Logan! I said happy birthday out loud to him that morning but I am not sure if he heard me... haha Just know that I did remember!

Glow-in-the-dark glasses
[Tell us all about your new companion.] Elder Sunderland is awesome! I was his Zone Leader back when I was in Anderson. He was in Richmond the whole time I was there. Then he was my Zone Leader when I went to Western Hills. I was so excited to hear his name called with mine. I really do enjoy transfer meetings, they are so much fun! He is from Rupert, Idaho and graduated in 2012 like me. He is a total farm kid and he ran track at Idaho State University. He has been teaching me so much already and bringing me back to really solid fundamentals. 

It's getting pretty frigid cold out here
[How was making the transition from AP to Zone Leader difficult?] The transition from being an Assistant to Zone Leader was way hard. It's pretty different and I just wasn't used to it anymore. I was used to other responsibilities for some reason, with a little more perks ;) Plus I went from a ward where I took part in 6 baptisms and was close to that ward to a ward that Elder Day had already been in for 8 months or so. So I was used to a little more attention. But I am still hitting my groove.

There is a family that we are teaching here that just fed us a turkey dinner last night and it was awesome! I bet they'll be baptized real soon ;) The dad is from Mexico city and the mom is from Ohio so I feel very comfortable teaching them both haha.
Elders Tanner, Sunderland, Day

[What was the highlight of your week?] The highlight of the week was when I got my package from you and when Bishop Foister and his kids taught the family with us. They did so great and answered their questions and was inviting them over for dinner and mutual and church. It was glorious!
Elders Tanner and Sunderland

We did some community service this week for local seniors and we raked leaves like madmen! Then we hit up a Chinese buffet after haha yeah! 

I forgot to mention that Elder Day is still in this ward! He just got transferred to Hamilton 3 with Elder Tanner! haha so we have tons of fun at dinners and such still.

The lesson that I have been learning as of late from God is that of prioritization. The idea of "making it happen" has been etched in my heart but now I am learning what needs to happen above other things. It's a hard lesson but I will figure it out. 

Life here is good family! I love you tons!
Elder Fivas

p.s. At leadership council for lunch, we had a taste test of the local pizza chains surrounding the nasty Nati and it was so much fun. Little Caesar's came in third overall. haha I think that our taste buds have been morphed by frequent eating occurrences of cheap food.  

Because of God's grace, a McDonald's monopoly coupon, and a new cashier lady, I got two quarter pounders and a sundae for free. Yeah baby