Kaye Starr Singers

Elder Fivas and Elder Day
October 20, 2014

Hey family! 

[What was the highlight of your week?] The highlight of my week is a little hard to pick because there was a lot of fun to be had! We gave a training to the Ward Mission Leaders at their Stake Priesthood meeting on the new lesson that we developed in the stake to pump members up to make an invitation per the request of their Stake President at Stake Conference. It's a lesson on the doctrine of Christ and how making and keeping invitations increases an individual's faith in the Savior and how easy it is to make an invitation. I am very, very proud of you mom and dad because you always are writing things about the missionary work that you are doing by inviting people over and serving them and making friendships. I brag you up every letter I get ;)
Kaye Starr Singers night

[What was this activity you went to with singers from Layton?  Was it a missionary thing or a Stake activity?] The Kaye Starr Singers' performance was really good and totally unique. They had some fun lyrics to their songs including a song that quoted Elder McConkie's departing testimony. It was a stake activity that was put on to make an easy calender item that members could invite their friends to. So it was a missionary thing and a stake activity ;P
Dinner yesterday with the Partlow Family
(Love getting surprise texts)

[Our missionaries were able to see the movie "Meet the Mormons".  Have you heard about it/seen it?] I have heard the members and some investigators talking about how awesome "Meet the Mormons" is but I don't think we have any plans to see it in this mission. Slight bummer but we're really feeling the crunch to hit our baptismal goal. I have seen trailers of the movie and it looks beautiful. 

Spanish Zone Meeting
[We saw a picture Elder Marchello sent.  Was it a Zone picture?]  So the Spanish Elders have their zone meeting in the same building as ours so I slipped in their picture after being invited ;)

[Is Elder Stoddard an AP now?]  Yeah the awe-inspiring Elder Stoddard replaced me when I was transferred out. He is a great man, Elder, friend, and Assistant.

That's it for me!

Jimmy Frack and Jonathan
A pic of Bishop Weidner from the Western
 Hills Ward (taken last July)
Oh how could I forget the temple??!!! I went to Columbus for my bi-annual temple trip and we had recent converts there doing baptisms and after we did an endowment session. Oh was it glorious! The temple is such a special place.

Honestly I am relying more on others' cameras to take pictures so I don't have any to personally send you but I will get on my friends to send me some :P

I love you a lot family!

Elder Fivas 
A weekly meeting we have.
 We were doing service before hand
 so we were in normal clothes...

A pic of the truck (creepy, sick raccoon included).

The racoon came back the next night
and got in the cats bed.