His Work, His Time

October 13, 2014


Y'all better make it a good one because she is awesome and deserves the best. 

[What was the highlight of your week?] This week the highlight was a family of 5 (4 baptismal age) that we started teaching that the Spanish Elders found. The dad is from Mexico but the family all speaks mostly English. They came to church and they are wonderfully attentive and accepting. We look forward to what comes with them.

Randall's Baptism
I do want to tell of my wrestle with God this past week or so. I have been quite unmotivated relative to my past emotions and vigor and it was concerning me. I was worried about lifting the lowest producing zone to higher ground and helping the missionaries grow into what Christ has in store for them. I was seeing great progress and it didn't make sense logically why I would be down. I knew I would be more accustomed to the ward and zone with time but I was getting impatient. Well the scriptures teach us that Christ will hasten HIS work in HIS time.(D&C 88:73) I am not going to change our Savior's pace. I knew this in my head and my heart was being changed to fit it.

I just know where we are at with baptisms in the mission and it will take miracles to hit the inspired goal of 720 baptisms set by the Stake Presidents. I trust God, but I wanted to make sure I was lifting everyone by what I have come to know serving as an Assistant. God reminded me with enough force so that I would recognize that I will not be able to help the missionaries by worrying about what I am doing. Mark 8:35 was brought to my mind very clearly that I am not going to find what I am looking for by looking out for myself, rather, focusing on what I am doing to "save" others' lives will bring me the greatest growth and shape me most quickly to be like our Perfect Exemplar. Who cares if I am wondering why I wasn't as happy as earlier or having big numbers? I was reminded that it's not about me, even when I was not consciously thinking that it was. Hope that all made sense :P

[Why the question about Ward Council last week?] Ward Councils are the way that missionary work will flourish, so for 20 months I have been learning how to do it and I never asked dad about his. So yeah!

I love you all dearly! I am going to another baptism in Western Hills on Saturday for some boys Elder Martin and I should've baptized long ago :P Lord's timing!


Elder Fivas