General Conference Weekend

October 6, 2014

Hey Family!
[How was your Conference Sunday?] Conference was a lot of fun and I enjoyed my time in the church with the other missionaries immensely! I really do like watching conference in the church. I also really like being a missionary.

[Did you have some investigators?] Our investigators did not show up because Satan is a butt-head but I'll keep working hard, good things are happening a lot. 

[Did you have a lunch/dinner appointment?] I had monopoly McDonald's for breakfast lunch and dinner on Saturday (Let it begin!! I miss Monopoly so much) and the Maddy family gave us some pumpkin bar deliciousness for a snack before the afternoon session. We watched the last session with them and it was a lot of fun. 

Leadership Council Meeting
[What did you think of the Tooele Valley Choir!?] The Tooele choir was sweet! I saw Brand Reynolds and that made me way happy. I miss seeing Pine Canyon. I try not to think about it though because it makes my thoughts leave Ohio.

[What have you got planned for this week?] Our temple trip as a zone is next week so that's nice and exciting. This week we are finalizing a new lesson for all of the missionaries to teach the members in the North Stake. It's stressful because I don't care if things are perfect but this Stake President wants no loose ends which is good. We are teaching members to invite by the Spirit as a follow up to a promise made by the Stake President at stake conference. 

I went to Western Hills again for a baptism of one of the people Elder Martin and I found and taught. He is the most changed man I have been a part of on my mission. It was sooo cool to see him be baptized. One of the most horrible moments in my mission was when he cussed us off of his front porch. But God changes circumstances and through His grace he steamed off and we went and apologized a week later. He then bore testimony of how he was going to pummel us but God sent angels to hold him back and to protect us. The Spirit was clearly very strong when he told us this. He was the most alcoholic person I have ever met and he was scared to leave it. Detox can be dangerous. But he asked us when he could be baptized which was a stark contrast to when we first met him when we got doubled in and he told us he'd probably never be baptized but he liked us :P Elder Carranza should be sending me a picture.

[Who's Conference talk did you like the best?  Why?] One of my favorite conference addresses was given by Tad R. Callister. I am really looking forward to reading a lot when I get home and being able to study a little more freely and read more books. He shared the story of how the poor mother taught her kids that successful people have libraries. It just got me excited to be a powerful teacher of my children some day. President Porter just knows a lot and you should see the books he has in his study! He says it comes from studying consistently for years. Anyway, it just touched me. I noticed the more I read the better I do in school too. So it got me a little more pumped to take on BYU again.

Dad, I never talked to you about Ward Council because it never caught my attention. Now ward council is a huge part of what I pay attention to. haha So tell me what things were good and how did you overcome weakness and how did you do with the Work of Salvation? I agree that it will be awesome to talk more when I get back a little more wise ;)

Well here are some pictures!