A week full of fun and parties

October 27, 2014

Hey! This week was full of fun and parties.

Street Sign
We had the ward trunk or treat and we partied at Bishop's house on his five acres and had a lot of fun with our investigator family. Then Sunday night we talked with more of the ward at the Robertson's house. I learned a lot from Bro. Robertson about helping others to Christ and His light instead of condemning or shunning someone for not having the fullness like we have in Christ's church. It's been something I have had questions about so God's been answering them through people such as President Porter and Bro Robertson. 
Elders Day, Tanner, Stringham, Fivas

At a less active's house, he showed me a computer he built. The frame was his desk covered by a sheet of glass and he had carbon fiber tape all over the wood making it look super cool. Anyway, it was a totally stellar gaming computer that lit up the whole desk/computer. I asked if you can get LED strip lights to light up a car interior.He said someone could do that easily. Haha yeah boi!
Pride of Zeus gyro burger

We have leadership council this Halloween! It will be way fun I am sure. Also, Sonic has 50 cent corn dogs all day on Halloween. Boo-yeah. We had Mad Mike's burgers today for lunch which was fabulous. I ate the Pride of Zeus gyro burger. 

[What are your plans for your zone on Halloween? Which zone are you?] We usually just keep working on holidays because they are such good days to find people to teach, so the Cincinnati North Zone should be hittin' it hard!

New companion, maybe??
This transfer though, we found out that exactly half of our missionaries are being transferred out! Yikes! I am excited to see who my new companion will be. I wonder if it will be a newly called Zone Leader...

Anyway, being a missionary is a lot of fun! I think I have found a home here in the Hamilton Ward. It took me a couple weeks, but I am starting to fit in.

Do you think he's fitting in?

Transfer Meeting Photos