Welcome to Hamilton

Elder Day, Tanner, Fivas
September 22, 2014

Happy Preparation Day to you all!

[What is your address?] So my new address is as follows: 595 Creekside Dr. Apt 104, Fairfield OH 45014

The Hamilton area is a lot of fun! It's a pretty run down place downtown and there are a lot of older houses but there are plenty of nice areas and there are 650 people on the ward roster with about 190 active or so. Clearly there are a lot of things to do around here and it's so much fun to do with my new companions.

Exchanges in Liberty in a bike area
[Tell us where your companions are from and how long they've been serving.] I have served around both Elder Tanner and Elder Day already and they are already my good friends so this is a lot of fun. Elder Tanner is from North Salt Lake most recently but he went to Davis High School. Elder Day is from Sandy and he went to Alta High School. I was with Elder Tanner 13 months ago when he barely came into the mission and we lived together back when I was with Elder Marchello in Eastgate. Elder Day was in the neighboring area of Noblesville when I was in Anderson and was a good friend to me and Elder Hansen. Elder Day goes home a transfer before me in December. I sure miss Elder Martin! I hope he is having a lot of fun back in the real world!

[How does it feel to be back on a regular schedule?] The Zone Leader role is a little easier but it's hard for me because I am so not used to it or this area. Things will get much better in just a short time so I am not worried. I miss being around President and his family. Bryan [President's son, who is leaving on a mission to Chile in October] will be back pretty soon so I will miss out there too but I there are people to be baptized here in Hamilton!

[Tell us about all your changes.  How do you feel about them?] I had forgotten what it was like to go through some drastic changes so it's pretty hard sometimes, but work makes it all better. I still can't believe that I value work and recognize it as something that brings happiness. But alas, the truth is the truth is the truth as my good buddy Kevin would say. Comfort zones are nice but that's not what this life is about!

[You never told us about the Reds game! Was it the best time ever? Tell us about it!] Oh the Reds game was a riot! It was a time to relax and watch a game and be with friends. The missionaries seem to be even more entertained by the music played than the game :P I am trying to send pictures.

I cannot find my camera cord or my memory card adapter but I will see what I can do to send some pictures your way. I sure love you family. 

Love Elder Fivas