The Zone

September 29, 2014

Boy oh Boy!

I saw on the calender that Nana gave me that it was Brielle's birthday this past week but I didn't put it together that she would be reaching the age of accountability. I didn't get to go to her baptism but I did get to go see a baptism in Western Hills of my good buddy Ethan. Woo! I'll take what I can get ;)

There are a couple of investigators and families that I taught and found with Elder Martin that are getting baptized next month. I was also talking to the Spanish zone leaders about all of the people I taught when I was first out and everyone is getting baptized and progressing towards the temple. It's just awesome to see the fruits of some hard labor with the Spirit. 

Opposition does come however and one of my good friends and a great missionary went home yesterday on doctors' orders from Salt Lake. He'll be back. However, because he went home, Elder Tanner had to go fill his spot. I was frustrated but completely confident that God's hand was being shown in His work. I miss Elder Tanner pretty terribly even though he is just in the other area of our same ward :P We had SO much fun in this trio and it's really hard to see it end after not even a full two weeks but we'll keep pushing forward. I am glad I still have Elder Day with me, he's awesome! I might add that Sadie sent a letter that arrived at the perfect time when Elder Tanner and I had just gotten back from a split and put a man on date to be baptized and we were flying high and then I got a letter and we were laughing super hard that day and we went to a baptism. It was one of the most joyous days of my mission. So things are great here in Hamilton!
Just a little Ohio country sunset!

Everyone is telling me how awesome Taylor Johansen's farewell talk was and I am so proud of him. He's going to be a stud missionary. Almost wish I was there ;) (Taylor is leaving in October for Samoa)

[Who are some of the missionaries in your zone?] The missionaries in my zone are awesome! We go on exchanges every Friday normally. We've been on two and they have been so much fun! Elder Hulet and Elder Wegrowski are in West Chester and Elder Wagstaff and Elder Murdock are in Liberty. Elder Tanner and Elder Stringham are in Hamilton 3.

[Do we know any of them? What are your Zone's strengths?] I don't think you would know any of them but they are sure awesome! The zone is great at working with members because the West Chester and Liberty areas are very nice upscale areas so it's hard to knock on doors. But we're all about talking to everyone out on the streets so that's what we are working on and our new investigators greatly increased last week. Woo!

[How many Sisters?] So there are 4 sister areas and 4 Elder Areas. 2 sets of Elders in Hamilton and the Sister Training Leaders. Sister Missionaries really can be the Lord's secret weapon. There are some really sharp Sisters out here. They work miracles and I look up to many of them. 

[Do you get to use your Spanish?] So the Miami River Branch is my first area and I covered the Fairfield half (south half) but now I am in the North Half of the stake and therefore I see the Spanish Elders all the time. The branch meets two hours before us so I get to see some old friends. There are plenty of Spanish stores and people around and it's fun to see what my mission used to be like. 

The mission life is really good right now. Fall is in the air, it reminds me of all the good times last year in Eastgate at this time. I am a pretty confident missionary but still being stretched! I enjoy this work quite a bit, and I have been changed by it. Pray for who you can help every day to experience the joy that I do. 

Love you family!

Thank you Nana and Papa Andy for the letter!