Memories Captured Electronically!

September 8, 2014

Elder Fivas: "Guess where we are going today as a whole mission?"
Mom: "Does it have to do with the photo I saw on Facebook with an older brother sorting tickets?"
Elder Fivas: "Hahaha cheater! I have kept it a secret for two months and you get tipped off by Facebook? Did you see what they are for?"
Mom: "No. Couldn't see what they were for. But I could tell they were for something legit. Tell us!"
Elder Fivas: "Behold I say unto thee! We're going to the Red's game tonight! GO REDS WOOOOO"
Mom: "That is awesome! We are so happy for you. Have a dog for dad! How did Pres. do this?!"
Elder Fivas: "He just made it happen ;P
So I am going to send a bunch of pictures but I can't really remember much. I'll make comments on the pictures :P"

This is a pic taken by a Priest from the ward.
He swapped faces of Brayden
and Elder Carranza.  Haha

We went to Huntington, Indiana on exchanges and had some awesome times together, capitalized by gyros!

We were in Huntington with Elder Waite and Elder Anderton (the blonde) Elder Carranza was with the Spanish zone leaders

We saw the semi full of birds on the way back and we got a kick out of it. It just isn't a natural occurrence to see that.

A member knows I love White Castle so he came back from a ward he moved to to take me there and Elder Glissmeyer got his first taste.

We also had exchanges with Elder Stoddard and Elder Glissmyer, which was way fun. We switched back on a hill overlooking the Nasty Nati while drinking some root beer and Mtn Dew.