A Slice of Humble Pie

Elders Martin, Carranza, Fivas
September 3, 2014

Hey Parents! So since I last wrote I have had a whole bunch of fun! We had Leadership Council and I have seen a lot of my buddies on exchanges and the work in the Western Hills ward continues to roll forth in a wave of glory! There was this AWESOME stake soccer tournament and picnic and we had a lot of fun with all sorts of people. I have not played 5 games of soccer in a long time and I have all sorts of sore legs but I sure do love that sport more and more. The best part of the soccer games I would say was bonding with the men in the ward. I love it here. 

Pres. Porter cooking breakfast
[Do you have any desire to try to get into winter semester at BYU late? If so I would have to start on that soon.] Dad your questions were well put and not too distracting so thank you. I do think it's crazy that those kind of questions are already creeping up on me. President Porter thought I was going home in March haha.  As of right now I have very little desire to be in school in the upcoming winter semester. God could change my mind but I doubt He will. The real question would be for spring and summer semester.
The Nelson's home

I love Elder and Sister Nelson!!!
[Will you be living here with us and working in Idaho until Fall semester 2015 or will you be looking for housing and work in the Utah area?] As of right now I can't think of wanting to go anywhere but with my family in Idaho. I catch myself dreaming of the day where I can once again play Monopoly with y'all. haha Board games are banned in our mission.

This past week was pretty hard on me because I gave heed to Satan's negativity without noticing. I made silly mistakes that were easily recovered from but I was pretty hard on myself and sad. Well, God has given me spiritual experiences to bolster me up once again and teach me to rely on the Savior because I don't have the skills to do a lot of things right. God can change circumstances to create something beautifully spiritual out of something that I thought went horribly wrong. Long story short, I didn't make sure one of our investigator's wife got home right after sacrament meeting like she asked because I assumed she could figure it out. Our investigator is an alcoholic and a very angry person but will be baptized by the end of this year, I foresee, but he blew up at me and I was really hurt by it because it was my fault more than my other companions. Anyway, it's all better now and we are closer because of it and he explained to me how he was going to punch us all out but didn't because angels were surrounding us and him and he heard God say to listen to these boys. God changes circumstances ladies and gentlemen. Miracles are not logical. 

In our leadership council we ended with a testimony meeting and it was extremely powerful. Very spiritual. I was able to sit still and not fall asleep up on the stand haha

That's my piece for this week!
Elder Fivas

Elder Fivas and Elder Carranza
p.s. Elder Carranza taught us how to make banana bread and it was delicious. We took loaves around to members and it was a great time! Better than cookies ;)