Zone Conference Training

Elders Carranza, Fivas, Martin
August 18, 2014

Hey family I am excited to read about your busy week in your letter!

Muncie Island for snow cones
This past week was busy for me as well because of all of the zone conferences we have to do. But by the grace of God and with our faithful work, we participated in miracles to bring to pass the earning of leadership standard of excellence!

[Who's on target for baptism now?] The work here just continues to roll forward. We have two kids and a 16 year-old that we will baptize at the end of the month and that's after we have had 3 this month already :D So life is good, God is better, and working hard and following the Spirit is what brings real happiness. I mean, that's all that God does right? ;)

I will tell you what, mom and dad, I love the people I meet here. I have some seriously awesome friends because of this mission! The missionaries I work with and the ward members I work with and the people I meet and teach just fill my heart with joy! I don't write home about them a whole lot because I don't know how much I can write about them over the internet :P
[How is your Zone training?  What are you teaching?] At the zone conferences I am teaching how to extend baptismal commitments to people as you meet them. So you talk to them and see what their heart yearns for and you teach them a bit and work it into inviting them to be baptized to fulfill that need. Example, "If you knew that God would help you enjoy your marriage like you saw your parents do, wouldn't you be baptized?" It makes it easier to extend baptism on all of your first lessons if you know a powerful way to do it right? So it's cool to see the mission extend more after having the training.

[When does Elder Martin come home?] Elder Martin comes home on the 17th of September! Elder Carranza leaves at the end of next transfer on Oct 29, but who knows if I'll still be in Western Hills. I hope so, I love this ward and this place. I wouldn't mind going back to Anderson though ;)

We did get to go to Muncie Island last week and this week will be Krispy Kreme! Elder Hansen is married now btw ;)

I was doing laundry and
washing my slacks...
Therefore I was wearing shorts haha
Also... We got a new truck to drive! Life is pretty good out here! Also, Cincinnati has a special place in my heart. I love these places.

I love the letters dad, thanks for updating me on my friends! Tell the family "hi" for me! (i.e. Aunts and Uncles and Cousins)

I love you,

Elder Fivas