Introducing Elder Carranza

August 11, 2014

My new companion, Elder Carranza!
(not the dog)
Transfer week was absolutely awesome! We have a surprise new companion, Elder Carranza!! Trios are so much fun! We did not know that he was going to be our companion so it was cool to see the continuous revelation take place when I called him up from the stand! He is from Guatemala and was my zone leader when I was still in Spanish work. The other day was the point where I have now served more time in English areas than I have in Spanish areas. 
Here is a clearer picture of this beautiful car.
It is my dream to have that with a sound system.
Mmmm Yeah I guess I can focus better
on what's important ;P

In some news, I saw four WRX's on Saturday including my dream car. It was a white Subaru WRX STI and it made my heart melt so I took a picture for all to see :P 

[Can you remember what you had said that made Elder Martin and President laugh?] We were all laughing in the training because of a lot of reasons, but at that point it was because when Sis. Porter was about to take a photo we stopped teaching and she told us to go back to looking like we are teaching haha. Also, i hope you noticed we spelled "Mom" with our hands and my mouth when I made that heart in the picture.

[How did transfer week go? How many new missionaries? Where do they come from?] There were 9 new missionaries I think? From Utah and Arizona :P I love hanging with the new missionaries. 
Setting up for Kevin and Molly's Baptism

So last week was incredible because Kevin and Molly made it to baptism after many many obstacles from Satan. Kevin was introduced to the gospel by his awesome friend in the Salt Lake valley in a trading room who referred Kevin to the Mission President. I love those two and it was even cooler to see President Porter baptize them in their pool. Outdoor baptisms are special for sure!
The awesome member from Salt Lake
who referred Kevin to Pres. Porter

Unfortunately, I let Elder Martin take all of the pictures of the baptism and his camera is at the apartment so maybe I will get them to you today. I do have a training to prepare for zone conferences though and we have to head up to FT Wayne tonight to start our tour. Zone conferences are stressful but a lot of fun. I plan on going to Muncie Island on Wednesday :P Also I will hit up the Krispy Kreme in Kettering. 

[I heard that Elder Hanson is getting married and is having an Open House in Ohio.  How cool.  Do you get to go?] Elder Hansen is getting married this weekend and I am very excited for him. 

Molly and Kevin treating us to breakfast.
Mom and dad I love your letters! I got one from Skyler Sheppard in the ward and that made me very happy. Also I wanted to thank the Woods for always sending me cool cards, I love them.

Filling up the gas tank, nbd.
(no big deal)
Sad thought, all of the sisters in my MTC district are all without the full time missionary mantle right now. back into the world! Tali [Gomez] should be getting back soon. 


How could I forget to mention our awesome friend Heather?? She made it to baptism and is just way cool. She reminds me a lot of you Kels! You have similar personalities.

I have quite a few pictures to send so I will do that now :P
 Don't mind the pictures where I
 have all of my face fat showing

Out in Wilmington to drop off a new truck.
I loved driving their old Colorado back.
I also wanted everyone to see the good fortune of the cars I saw ;)