You like to what?!

University of Cincinnati fun day
July 28, 2014

Hey Family! There is some fun going on this week but we will be hitting up exchanges to train some Elders and make some good memories! We have leadership council this week too and don't worry mom, I have not forgot to throw up a heart sign for you in one of the pictures :)

So the biggest thing going on in my life is kind of astounding me... 

I have found out that I like to work... 

Never in my life did I think that would come to pass! There is satisfaction and happiness that comes from working that doesn't come from anything else. I imagine myself back home driving a sick Subaru WRX listening to some Foster the People and Yellowcard or playing my beloved Call of Duty. But it just doesn't appeal to me the way that going out on the job does. I am understanding God a little more each week. I feel like I can see my dad smiling from here... haha It took long enough I know ;)

Things here in Western Hills are just going fabulously! People that we are teaching are coming up to baptism and two of our good friends are fighting through Satan's tactics to be baptized in their pool this Friday. It has taken a year of President Porter's friendship and support from the ward, but they're going to make it and boy are they ready! I love this couple so much, they are actually the same age as you mom and dad!

Transfers are next week so things are going to be good there and life will continue to roll on! Changes are always fun but luckily I see all of the changes before hand ;) Elder Martin has one transfer left so there will be fireworks to go out with a bang! Speaking of which not much went down on Pioneer day. haha.
Two words: held a chicken ;)

All of the Sisters that were in the MTC [with me] are going home in the next week or so. That is pretty bonkers. I am almost on the last lap of the track! 

I'll get some pictures to you all later when I am on a desktop! 

Elder Fivas