I Found Krispy Kreme!

Elder Arveseth was
Brayden's First Companion
July 21, 2014

I am so glad you went to see my good buddy's homecoming!! Elder Arveseth is a champ! 

I am continuing to learn and grow out here which is always good. My companion Elder Martin sure makes it easy to have a great time in the mission field. It's nice to have such a great companion. I really have been blessed my whole mission. 

[Do you still sneak in service opportunities.  What has been your most memorable service opportunity?] I actually do a lot of service which is good! We have been pulling weeds lately which is actually quite fun out here. The soil is really soft for the most part and I feel like a man when I rip out a gnarly plant. One of the service projects I really remember though is when I learned how to clip hedges clear back when I was in Miami River 2. Ironically that was with Elder Arveseth. 

[Does your mission have a no caffeine rule?  What are some mission rules you do have.] Our mission doesn't have a no caffeine rule. However we do have a couple of rules that resemble the laws of Moses because some Elders and Sisters were getting too lax. We can't have energy drinks, there are NO sleepovers or P-day eves, we can only listen to music off of LDS.org, and we cannot go to places like Buffalo Wild Wings. There might be others but that's what I remember right now. It's pretty much natural to me now. Elder Martin and I have tried to "bury the man" (Romans 6) that sings worldly songs. So I feel like when I get back I will feel bad for singing haha

Speaking of singing, we have started to sing hymns for our investigators at the beginning of lessons to point out the Spirit and it has been successful. Fun fact.

[When you do eat at home, what do you usually fix to eat?] I usually eat a peanut butter and jelly when I fix something at home. I eat out a lot and I LOVE it :P 

[Tell us an experience you had this week.] President took us to a Thai restaurant and that was great :)  We finished up with interviews with the whole mission so I know everyone better now. Oh which reminds me when I was in the Middletown zone....
I FOUND THE ONE KRISPY KREME FACTORY IN OUR MISSION!! I didn't know there was one in our boundaries. I figured the closest one was in Columbus but no, we're good.

[Why are all your pics taken in the truck? ;)] I spend more time in the truck than I do in the apartment quite simply... :P