"Ping-Pong is Calling My Name"

**Last week we didn't hear from Brayden until Wednesday, June 18th, when he sent a quick note to his dad in regards to Father's Day. He explained "I have to email you later because I am still busy but Sister Porter told us to email our parents :P Love!"

June 23, 2014

Hey super awesome parents! I did get your email last week and this week is equally crazy because it's transfers and we get to go pick up the new Elders and Sisters [from the airport] in an hour and a half. I am so excited for that! 

Also, worry not about my journal for I have been manning up and writing in it every day again. 

[Tell us about your investigators.  Who are you working with?] The work here is great and we have a baptism next week for an awesome 11-year old that we have been working with. He is a part member family situation. Also we had 10 investigators at church this last week which was a new personal best! Got to love being with an Assistant as your companion ;) Elder Martin is seriously the best! 

[What was the highlight of your last 2 weeks?] One of our investigators got the answer twice that the book of Mormon is true and that was incredible! 

I have tons of pictures to send, it seems, but ping pong is currently calling my name so I will figure the emails out later. Sure love ya!

And I loved that Tio [Uncle] Danny hit up the White Castle [in my honor when he came to Kentucky]!

I saw a picture of Kyle Beckerman in the world cup too and that got me way pumped!

Anyway, I'll add to this later! Love ya!

[Elder Martin is a runner.  Are you running in the mornings?] And I do run in the mornings for workouts on one of the local high school tracks, I should take a picture.

[Do you ever ride your bike?  Do you have a limit on how many miles you can take the truck now that your on official business?] I never ride my bike, and I have unlimited miles in the truck ;)

[What tasks did you do for President?] We set up all of the meetings for president that involve the missionaries and we give trainings and run errands and delegate to zone leaders ;)