"Life is Good"

Tooele Boys!
Elder Fivas and Elder McEachern
June 9, 2014

Hey Parents and Loved Ones!!

I very much loved the letters I received from Nana and Mom this week and they came at a great time! we have a fun day today so I have to get running pretty soon to pick up Elder Tanner and Elder Smith serving at the University of Cincinnati. This past week has just been super fun! There is always something to do when you are a zone leader and when you are an assistant there is always too much to do :P 
Just mowin' with class

[What was the highlight of your week?] The highlight of my week was probably Elder Martin's birthday. It was just packed with people taking care of us, including a cake and a stake house and we went to a baptism in our ward for three kids in a part member family and we finished with a super awesome new investigator! Elder Martin always says "life is good" and so it is!
Skyline Grill

plus, action shot at Skyline ;P
[What did you teach about during Leadership Council?] At leadership council I taught how we can go on exchanges with purpose and [making] plans to change the missionaries you are exchanging with. I have had some great successes with exchanges!

[What kind of work do you do for President Porter?] We do whatever President Porter wants us to do for him. We run errands or plan things for him and take care of things going on through the mission from praising a companionship to running a car to an area that needs it. 

When you don't see a dentist in 2-years
it's important to keep your teeth clean ;)
I hope you had an awesome time with the cruise! it sounds like you made new family friends! Tell me about them!

Love, Elder Fivas

p.s. I love you Gunner!

p.p.s I used to be 100% in my journal before this week... not so much now! I don't get much sleep as it is :P 

Bryan Porter got his mission call to...
 Chile, Rancagua!!