First Zone Conference as an Assistant

June 2, 2014

Does anybody get the feeling that my parents are on a cruise right now and they didn't want to blatantly just tell me that? Haha fortunately I don't think that would make me any happier than I am here in Cincinnati though ;) 
This is us telling him that we're
 "blatantly" on a cruise ;)

[What do you do at all the Zone Conferences?] So at zone conferences we run the agenda and conduct and plan the meetings. Then we give a couple trainings which is always nerve racking to be up in front of all the zones because the assistants are supposed to be the model companionship. I'll just be me though and God will sand the edges ;) 

[If you instruct, what did you teach?] This time around I personally trained on using a new family history card to find new people to teach. Elder Martin and I trained on finding real needs in an investigators' life. It's fun but it feels good to be done with that pressure for a little bit.

I have so much fun being with Elder Martin so I have nothing to complain about. In my own area we have still been hitting leadership standards of excellence. Miracles are raining everywhere and we are getting along great with this fantastic ward. I even have my first sunburns from being out working :) 

[Tell us about your living arrangements.] I live in an apartment that has no working AC but it's cool. We aren't there enough for it to really matter... As a zone leader we always had something to do but as an Assistant there is always too much to do haha. 

Elder Martin
[What assignments did you do for Pres this week?] This week we had to go get Elder Benavides again to help us prepare for Leadership Council tomorrow. I used to look forward to those :P 

Life is grand everybody! I love this Gospel and I sure miss consistent personal studies. They make a difference so don't be slackin' out there. 

I loved your letters this week mom and dad and Wood family! Also White Castle is still delicious! 

Elders Benavides and Fivas
As a final thought, I wanted to mention how important a mission is. The longer I am out here, the more I realize that the work is only half of why we are here. If they wanted a million baptisms they would just release the mission presidents and general authorities to work out here, but we are here to be shaped for the rest of our existence. This is the MTC for your life! 

I love being at President's house more! They take care of us :) Great food is served here consistently. Also, our investigators take care of us like we are family. It's so cool!