Small World

June 30, 2014

Hey super family of awesomeness and love!

Elders Arveseth, Fivas, Martin, Benavides
[Tell us what you thought/felt when you picked up new missionaries from the airport.] When we picked up the new Elders and Sisters I was pumped out of my mind! Elder Benavides was with us and so was Elder Arveseth so I was just full of joy! They came in and we had a lot of fun talking with them and playing games with them before bed. It was sure a sharp group that came through this time around! We also ran the transfer meeting the next day. That was crazy town, but I am getting better with more experience!

So before I go on I want to share how awesome this coincidence was! Alyson Porter came home from her mission last week so President was pumped and her "boyfriend" Jaden Mecham came out to see her a couple days after. He is such a cool guy! We got to talking and it turns out he was an Assistant in the Peru Trujillo mission!! He went to train Elder Davis his last transfer who came out with Elder Boekweg! So do you remember Elder Mecham, Elder Boekweg? He was also supposed to go open that area in the mountains but things didn't work out that way. It's just a small world.

[Do you meet with President daily, or does he call when he needs you to do something?  How often do you meet?] We don't meet with President Porter every day but we do see him every other if not more. He lives 5 miles away or so, so it's not far. Plus we like to play ping pong whenever we get the chance ;) I am getting better! I'd make grandpa Fivas proud! And yeah President calls when he needs something taken care of. He really is like our dad, it's cool. It makes me miss you dad! He always feeds us a delicious breakfast on our Monday morning meetings to discuss how to help the mission. 

[What are your plans for the 4th of July on Friday?] I think we are trying to set a new finding record on the 4th of July and President Porter invited us over after working :)

[How are your investigators doing?] We have one 11 year old on date to be baptized this week and we have an AWESOME couple that is getting really close. They are the best, they give us a lot of Graeters Ice Cream. Western Hills rocks!! We had an investigator wear a kilt to church which was awesome! Sunday was awesome because we had 11 at church. I am still trying to catch Elder Barney's 50 :P

[What are you doing for p-day today?] Today for Preparation Day we went shopping ;) I bought some nice ties and some khakis. I look so fresh ;)

So President Porter's son Wesley and his wife Beth live in Rexburg right now so you need to call them up and invite them over. They have an adorable baby son and I don't normally say that :P He will leave here on the 3rd I think. Call him whenever ;) He is like a big brother to me. 

I'll write more if I remember more!

Elder Fivas

** Bruce recently got in touch with his old MTC companion, Elder Ollerton (they served in the Peoria, Illinois Mission).  This is what Ollerton had to say: "I was checking out the Cincinnati Mission website to see the transfer pictures of my daughter when I saw Elder Fivas. Wow! Go figure a Fivas and an Ollerton in the same mission again. Crazy."

We asked Brayden if he knew her, "Hahaha I totally know her! She just got doubled into an area training a new missionary and she hit leadership standard of excellence. What a way crazy small world! I will have to get a picture! She rocks!"

"Ping-Pong is Calling My Name"

**Last week we didn't hear from Brayden until Wednesday, June 18th, when he sent a quick note to his dad in regards to Father's Day. He explained "I have to email you later because I am still busy but Sister Porter told us to email our parents :P Love!"

June 23, 2014

Hey super awesome parents! I did get your email last week and this week is equally crazy because it's transfers and we get to go pick up the new Elders and Sisters [from the airport] in an hour and a half. I am so excited for that! 

Also, worry not about my journal for I have been manning up and writing in it every day again. 

[Tell us about your investigators.  Who are you working with?] The work here is great and we have a baptism next week for an awesome 11-year old that we have been working with. He is a part member family situation. Also we had 10 investigators at church this last week which was a new personal best! Got to love being with an Assistant as your companion ;) Elder Martin is seriously the best! 

[What was the highlight of your last 2 weeks?] One of our investigators got the answer twice that the book of Mormon is true and that was incredible! 

I have tons of pictures to send, it seems, but ping pong is currently calling my name so I will figure the emails out later. Sure love ya!

And I loved that Tio [Uncle] Danny hit up the White Castle [in my honor when he came to Kentucky]!

I saw a picture of Kyle Beckerman in the world cup too and that got me way pumped!

Anyway, I'll add to this later! Love ya!

[Elder Martin is a runner.  Are you running in the mornings?] And I do run in the mornings for workouts on one of the local high school tracks, I should take a picture.

[Do you ever ride your bike?  Do you have a limit on how many miles you can take the truck now that your on official business?] I never ride my bike, and I have unlimited miles in the truck ;)

[What tasks did you do for President?] We set up all of the meetings for president that involve the missionaries and we give trainings and run errands and delegate to zone leaders ;)

"Life is Good"

Tooele Boys!
Elder Fivas and Elder McEachern
June 9, 2014

Hey Parents and Loved Ones!!

I very much loved the letters I received from Nana and Mom this week and they came at a great time! we have a fun day today so I have to get running pretty soon to pick up Elder Tanner and Elder Smith serving at the University of Cincinnati. This past week has just been super fun! There is always something to do when you are a zone leader and when you are an assistant there is always too much to do :P 
Just mowin' with class

[What was the highlight of your week?] The highlight of my week was probably Elder Martin's birthday. It was just packed with people taking care of us, including a cake and a stake house and we went to a baptism in our ward for three kids in a part member family and we finished with a super awesome new investigator! Elder Martin always says "life is good" and so it is!
Skyline Grill

plus, action shot at Skyline ;P
[What did you teach about during Leadership Council?] At leadership council I taught how we can go on exchanges with purpose and [making] plans to change the missionaries you are exchanging with. I have had some great successes with exchanges!

[What kind of work do you do for President Porter?] We do whatever President Porter wants us to do for him. We run errands or plan things for him and take care of things going on through the mission from praising a companionship to running a car to an area that needs it. 

When you don't see a dentist in 2-years
it's important to keep your teeth clean ;)
I hope you had an awesome time with the cruise! it sounds like you made new family friends! Tell me about them!

Love, Elder Fivas

p.s. I love you Gunner!

p.p.s I used to be 100% in my journal before this week... not so much now! I don't get much sleep as it is :P 

Bryan Porter got his mission call to...
 Chile, Rancagua!!

First Zone Conference as an Assistant

June 2, 2014

Does anybody get the feeling that my parents are on a cruise right now and they didn't want to blatantly just tell me that? Haha fortunately I don't think that would make me any happier than I am here in Cincinnati though ;) 
This is us telling him that we're
 "blatantly" on a cruise ;)

[What do you do at all the Zone Conferences?] So at zone conferences we run the agenda and conduct and plan the meetings. Then we give a couple trainings which is always nerve racking to be up in front of all the zones because the assistants are supposed to be the model companionship. I'll just be me though and God will sand the edges ;) 

[If you instruct, what did you teach?] This time around I personally trained on using a new family history card to find new people to teach. Elder Martin and I trained on finding real needs in an investigators' life. It's fun but it feels good to be done with that pressure for a little bit.

I have so much fun being with Elder Martin so I have nothing to complain about. In my own area we have still been hitting leadership standards of excellence. Miracles are raining everywhere and we are getting along great with this fantastic ward. I even have my first sunburns from being out working :) 

[Tell us about your living arrangements.] I live in an apartment that has no working AC but it's cool. We aren't there enough for it to really matter... As a zone leader we always had something to do but as an Assistant there is always too much to do haha. 

Elder Martin
[What assignments did you do for Pres this week?] This week we had to go get Elder Benavides again to help us prepare for Leadership Council tomorrow. I used to look forward to those :P 

Life is grand everybody! I love this Gospel and I sure miss consistent personal studies. They make a difference so don't be slackin' out there. 

I loved your letters this week mom and dad and Wood family! Also White Castle is still delicious! 

Elders Benavides and Fivas
As a final thought, I wanted to mention how important a mission is. The longer I am out here, the more I realize that the work is only half of why we are here. If they wanted a million baptisms they would just release the mission presidents and general authorities to work out here, but we are here to be shaped for the rest of our existence. This is the MTC for your life! 

I love being at President's house more! They take care of us :) Great food is served here consistently. Also, our investigators take care of us like we are family. It's so cool!