Responsibilities of an Assistant to the President

May 26, 2014

Hey family of mine!!

So I love the Western Hills Ward and I can't believe how much of it I remember from my second week in the field. 

Elder Fivas and Elder Martin
Some of the best news this week is that I finally got a hold of some fingernail clippers because mine were getting monstrous. Also the Memorial Day ward picnic went fantastically well. We found some awesome black ladies out in Westwood that gave us some soul food to chow on later after we taught them.

I am having a lot of fun! My body and mind is having a hard time keeping up with all of the miracles and sacrifices of being an Assistant. Our preparation days aren't the same or quite as long so that's a bit of a bummer because my body is screaming for rest but I really don't have time for that :P 

Elder Benavides
Elder Benavides has been in his new Spanish Branch with awesome Elder Thompson since about 3 days of being with us so Elder Martin and I have been going around taking care of this area and the mission with God's grace. It's phenomenal to be a part of. It is so much fun to see President and Sister Porter so much! They do some way funny things. 

The responsibilities of the Assistants are to help the Mission President in his responsibilities as the lead trainer of the mission. We analyze the numbers together, we bolster up companionships, we train in many conferences, we run errands, we are still to hit the standard of Excellence in our own area, and we inspire and motivate. It is a lot to do so I am busy but I sure love meeting all of the missionaries and being here in Western Hills. Plus we drive a pretty big Silverado as a perk ;)

Elder Martin is such a sweet guy and I can see no flaws in him. We have a lot of fun together. We got doubled in together and we are doing the best I have ever seen in following the Spirit and qualifying for grace. He leaves in September. So I have some time with him still ;)

I received your letters and I loved them! That is very sweet that Sister Rodeman [from his last area] would think of me like that. [World got back that to us that she felt like one of her sons had left]. I have thought about her more than once down here. But tomorrow I am going up to Muncie for zone conferences!

Sorry I don't have much time for details :P 

I love this work more than ever and I am more tired than ever!!
Love, Elder Fivas