New Responsibilities

May 19, 2014

Leadership Council
So my new area is keeping me so busy! I love my new companion Elder Martin! I am in a bit of a tripanionship too with Elder Benavides! So I am back in the Nasty Nati in Western Hills which is super dooper awesome! I served here for a week with Elder Beverly in the second week in the mission field. I remember a lot of the members and they recognized me. It is where I took the picture of me holding out my hand and you see the skyline of the city in the back ground. I want to tell you how transfers went. 

Elder Bell (the assistant that finished his mission) was up calling the transfers and the zone leader areas were getting filled more and more as time went by. I thought that I might be going to Kentucky because we were going down the line and we stopped in the Cincinnati West zone. Elder Bell called out Western Hills 1 area, "Doubled in as new assistants, Elder Martin and Elder Fivas!" The chapel got pretty rowdy hahaha. I couldn't believe it but I got up and embraced my new companion who I already knew was awesome and went up to hug Elder Benavides who was the Assistant still serving for one more transfer. So I sat next to Elder Martin up on the stand with President Porter. It's so crazy to be here but I love it! So I have no routine yet because I am running around learning all sorts of things. I am so excited to see all of the mission!! Anyway, here is my address. 5311 Lee's Crossing Drive Apt 2 Cincinnati OH 45211

I am very busy now so I should be able to email you more next week with pictures and such but just know I have never had this much fun in one week on my mission yet. Elder Benavides actually was transferred into a Spanish area for his last transfer to learn Spanish. He is half Mexican so he picks it up fast. Elder Martin is a runner from Taylorsville and he ran at SUU. He is super awesome and life is so good and so new!!

Love you tons!

I can't believe I am an assistant!


Elder Fivas