Interview with President Porter

April 28, 2014

Hey Family! 

WHITE CASTLE!! Sack of ten baby!
[How was your interview with President Porter on Wednesday?  What do you talk about?] Interviews were great and I always love seeing my zone! President and I talked about studies and he told me to focus on finding ways to work with stress instead of avoiding it. It is still making me think because I would always try to have fun as a diversion to deal with my stress but is it really dealing with my stress? I must say it has brought to my mind some powerful inspired questions for myself.
Nerf Blowgun activity

He helped me with the type of questions I need to study for in the morning, it opened my eyes. It was a quick change and boy am I grateful for it! Planning lessons isn't near the pain that I used to think it was! 

Elder Cheng
The Anderson ward has a special place in my heart and even though you couldn't pay me enough money to ever live here, I can't wait for the day where I can bring my family back out to meet the people that I have met. Our recent convert Brittany is the most solid recent convert I have ever personally known and even if I didn't receive a million other blessings for serving this mission, just seeing her become a new creature in Christ has made it worth it. She bears powerful testimony of prayer and the Book of Mormon and she is so grateful for her new knowledge. It's just a miracle to see.

Elder Bradshaw
Elder Bradshaw is just an awesome leader and I am so proud of him! We are still not always on the same wavelength but we sure make a good team. Most of the time we have a great time together! 

The real question I ask is, where did The Savior find the balance between enjoying a good thing and the need to improve?

The members and people I teach frequently tell me I look exhausted and to get more sleep. I smile because I know the growth that I am going through.

Bonfire with Brittany
[Has the "Book of Mormon" Musical affected your work in Indiana?] The Book of Mormon was in Cincinnati back when we did the social media split and so we used that to combat everything. From our end everything was successful and we used the play as a good way to get noticed. It never did come to Indianapolis though so we didn't catch too much attention. 

The weather here is very "subject to change" and frequently has us changing what we wear twice a day. I think it will be rainy for half of the week though. 

And somebody gave me this awesome
 buffalo statue when I told them
 I thought it was awesome!
Well here are some pictures for everyone! 

We had an awesome district activity with nerf blow guns!! So much fun!!

Thank you so much for everything you do family! I am so proud of Kelsey getting a job and getting into Pokemon. I always love reading your letters dad and I am still looking to get mom's pictures!

Elder Fivas