General Conference Spring 2014

April 7, 2014

This week was great! I got a new 2014 Corolla to drive! The zone did great at getting people to Conference! General Conference is seriously wonderful! We have another baptism this week!

I miss disc golf really bad right now! The closest course is in Noblesville which is 30 minutes away.

[What did you do for Conference weekend?]  
I watched Conference for conference weekend ;) 
Here is an awesome member's tire shop!

[What talks stood out for you?] My favorite talk was the one about heroes in Priesthood session by Pres Eyring. He speaks to my soul. Every talk was very revelatory though. Be sure to take Elder Ballard's challenge and email me what you're learning in Preach My Gospel ;) I love you mom and I can't wait to go to lunch with you again some time. I might even buy ;) When you're 80 or something that is hahahaha til then thanks for treating me!! [what a punk :)]
There was a mini lake on
the street at night, it was cool.

I love you family! Sorry to Tyler Gonzo for not writing back yet and to Telisha!

Elder Fivas
p.s. Mothers' Day is coming up! [That means a phone call home!]