Small Rules to Gain Greater Power

I won an Apollo Creed out of a claw machine haha.
 He was right on top and I got him first try for 50 cents
March 10, 2014

Hey family! Life is good here and our zone is breaking records so no reasons to complain!

[Did your mission reach its goal of 222 baptisms?] The mission got 221 baptisms, I believe, and there were crazy things happening down to the wire. We see it as success though. One man got thrown in jail on false charges so he didn't show up to his baptism and had to wait 'til the next week and another woman was taught and put on date all ready to be baptized but the Sisters teaching her realized she lived barely over the mission boundary in the Indianapolis mission. :P Just some examples. We are going to get 720 this year. It was such a powerful spirit when we set that goal!
"The blazer is just funny"

Elder Bradshaw and I are baptizing our recent convert Austin's older sister Brittany this friday. It's going to be great!! I love that family so much! 

[Do you get the chance to play basketball?] I never did get to play basketball but I did go bowling last week. 

[Tell us about some of your appointments this week.] There is a part member family we found that is just awesome. They came to church because their awesome faithful home teacher has taken away their excuses to not come over the years :P
They make everything themselves and are the most creative and thrifty people you'll meet and they are just cool. She is very proud of her Native American heritage and they have an awesome house. I took a picture with a crossbow they made and Elder Bradshaw has the bow they made. He even made a shotgun that fires, haha. We taught them twice last week and on the second lesson we tied in the word of wisdom into the plan of salvation and he totally got it. We're working on his smoking. Why wait to teach people the commandments? Give them the challenge and blessings come sooner than later! 

Speaking of blessings, our mission has tightened up. Small and simple things bring to pass great things so we are focusing on the small rules to gain greater power. No energy drinks, actually go to bed at 10:30 and the only music we can listen to and have is the stuff you can get off of I don't really have a problem with that but I will have to send a lot of CD's home haha.

I forgot to mention that we are going to the Columbus temple next Tuesday [March 18]!! Woo hoo!

Life is good ya'll!

Elder Fivas