President and Sister Porter

There are these "walking man" statues all over Anderson.
 I have been meaning to get more pictures of them!
March 31, 2014

Good Monday dear family! 
Anderson, IN at it's classiest.
Yes, they are spinners.
I laughed hard to see that you got snow dumped on you! 

I went on exchanges to Noblesville and they don't have a car. I now more fully appreciate having a car. It adds so much more drudgery to ride a bike in the bitter cold wind and not being able to warm up after you try a couple of people. And it takes so much longer to get to places! Haha I can now see why God gave His missionaries some cars to drive. 

[What are your thoughts and feelings about President and Sister Porter?] President and Sister Porter are the greatest ever!! They are from Morgan Ut :) Their niece who lived down the street is actually in my zone! Crazy right?! But he is a powerful man. And I googled his dad too because I knew he was a general authority. Powerful Priesthood men beget powerful Priesthood men. :P here is a link to his short blurb when he got called! President and Sister Porter's Bio [10th photo from the top]. And here is a link to the stock he comes from :P L. Aldin Porter

Elder Judd
I am actually pretty close to President Porter. He talks to me often and always looks happy to see me. I guess it helps that our zone is doing so well ;P I always get a big hug from him when I see him as well. Sister Porter likes to joke with me as well and we have fun talking. She complimented me a lot in our last interview together. I feel like a lot of people compete for her attention though so I try not to :P

Me looking Russian
Sharmice and Elder Fivas
[We're wondering if you were transferred.] I do get to stay here in Anderson for another transfer with Elder Bradshaw and I am so excited too! We are doing very well and the ward is catching on fire! We had a baptism a week for the past 3 weeks and we have two or three on the week after [General] Conference. The Sisters are half the success too! The started raking in the blessings for a lot of hard work. I actually got to baptize my friend Sharmice. It was so fun!! She tried to dunk herself before I even said the prayer haha. It was such a cool feeling to feel like I was swimming again, I forgot what it feels like :P 

Life is good here! Elder Bradshaw and I are equally yolked and our strengths match each others' weaknesses very well. I bought my Papa John's pizza last week too! I can't miss a transfer without my favorite pizza! Just going inside that store gets me a little trunked out :P

The weather here is getting nicer and I found out there are places to frisbee golf in Noblesville so I plan to hit that up this transfer. Our missionaries are calling for a fun day. I love my zone! Elder Seegmiller from Kaysville is on fire right now! That should make Gunner [Brayden's cousin, Logan Thomas] proud!
Our mass production of church go-go juice
It motivates people to go to church :P

An amazing pile of leftovers
I love you so much family! I can't believe this week will be 14 months! Ok I can believe ;)


Elder Fivas

We found snakes outside our front door!