Josh, Brittany, Bobbie and George

March 3, 2014
Elder Fivas and Elder Bradshaw

Hey there dear family! 

I will get right into answering your questions! 
[What was the highlight of your week?] The highlight of the week was when Bro. Phillips started teaching our investigator totally by the Spirit and totally boldly and it was so awesome and spiritual! I had never seen a member teach that well! I had never seen a missionary teach that well, actually! They came to church the next day for the first time too, and that was awesome! It's a complicated living-together situation, otherwise Bobbie (the girl), would be getting baptized very soon. Oh well! God will figure out a way!

Elder Fivas and George
[What was the most outrageous thing you did this week?] The most outrageous thing I did last week... Well I ate 3 McFlurries when I have never paid any attention to those before my mission. Soft serve ice cream just rocks! And it snowed again so the roads were fun to drive on, he he. But the awesomest thing that I did was hold a hedgehog named George! Less-actives have the darndest things! haha.

[What did you study (and learn) in your personal studies last week?] I learned great new scriptures and ways to teach in Personal studies this last week. I am getting so much better than where I was. There is a very specific model called the baptismal quadrant that we are supposed to follow that determines [what we] study. We start with accountability and then plan our day and look ahead to see who we will be teaching, then we study their needs and set a question to study for them in the morning. Then we study it personally, then we collaborate our studies and make an inspired lesson plan according to the commitments we want to leave our investigators, and then we teach with power and authority. It's a great model!

[Tell us about your best appointment this week.] The best appointment this week was when I went to the Smith's house and Josh gave me a picture he drew for me and told me he read the first chapter in the Book of Mormon "because you're Fivas and you asked me to". I love those guys! They are all 23 or so and we're going bowling with them today, actually. It just made me feel good that he thinks so highly of me. Brittany is actually getting baptized on the 22nd. 

I discovered a great new restaurant called Culvers. Their burgers rock and their custard is crazy good! Not quite my raspberry concrete from Neilson's but close ;)

The weather should be getting warmer, don't worry :P 

 Elder Bradshaw is super talented at the piano!
I sure love you all a bunch! I still have plenty of ups and downs and it seems that the mission gets harder with added responsibility but I feel that it is the model of life. Greater joys and more frequent and greater lows :P

Thank you so much for everything you do for me!

Elder Fivas