Happy St. Patrick's Day 2014!

Tie, socks, pin, glasses and
canned corned Beef
March 17, 2014

[This last week has been good.] It has a lot to do with the fact that I got some time to eat dinner almost every day last week. I guess it's way good when you are that busy!

Elder Fivas, Austin, Brittany, Elder Bradshaw
I LOVE the St Patrick's day package. I could have died when I saw the corned beef. There is a restaurant here that sells it too with cabbage so I have my bases covered.

Today I have a "4-zone fun day" so my time is really short because all of preparation day will be a party today.

[How was the baptism on Friday?] The baptism was super awesome last week and it went quickly which was even better! [Brittany] was so happy and she had a bunch of friends there to support her with another person for us to teach ;) I love that rowdy bunch! And her brother Austin who was baptized in December got to baptize her! Then I got to confirm her! Life is good! 

Now for some of the info you asked me for. [What is the highest number of investigators you've had at church?] My highest at church was 6 and we are doing really good hovering around a consistent 5.

[How many missionaries are in your mission?] I think there are 220 missionaries in the mission including Seniors and I think 90 of them are Sisters. I remember hearing that somewhere. 

[How many baptisms occurred as a result from some effort from you?] I have taught 11 people that have been baptized. In some I played more critical roles than others but for the most part I either found them with my companion or we taught them the most. I never totaled them up. That's pretty cool to think about!! 

[Do you only serve the Anderson Ward? And how many also serve in that ward?] There are 1 set of both Elders and Sisters that serve in Anderson. We get the dirtier parts of town ;)

I can't think of any stories right now! It's a good thing I write them all down! Things are going really good so we will have more baptisms. We are planning one to happen on April 4 which I guess is when Kelsey is going to [Stansbury High's] prom!! It  was so cool to read how excited she is.
Exchanges with Elder Judd and Cheng

I sure love you family. Sorry I couldn't write more! And for all the people who sent me handwritten letters like Telisha and TGonzo I am still trying to write you back!

Here's some pictures!

Love Elder Fivas