Stansbury Newsletter #3

**Every 3 months Jamie Anderson compiles a newsletter about a group of missionaries from Stansbury High.  Her son Hunter, is serving in Taiwan. She does this is so they can stay in touch with each other. I believe she asked them to write about a principle they have had to refine and/or acquire on their missions **

Well, being right smack in the middle of my two years, I have learned more about faith than I ever have in my life. Everything that I do stems from faith! My faith increases every time I obey a commandment, every time I pray, every time I read the scriptures, and every time I eat a good meal. (The Lord blesses me for my faith in him with delicious food. I am rewarded quite frequently :D )

But being a little more serious, my faith in the Book of Mormon and in the Savior has become much more refined and strengthened. I have no doubt that Jesus Christ lives and that he is at the head of the Church and that the Book of Mormon was written and translated by holy ordained prophets. Sometimes I am discouraged. I want so badly for these people to read and pray and go to church but they so often choose not to. I will always push through hard times though because I know that the Book of Mormon is so true. Every time show the faith I have through hard days or weeks, the Lord always gives me just enough encouragement and blesses me for my actions.

Leaders are expected to change patterns, and those patterns are changed by faithful study and faithful action. I know this more than ever now. Circumstances can change when you have enough faith. I have experienced it. I love the joy that comes
from faithful obedience and the success it brings. I know where it comes from, the same place that Joseph Smith received all the keys of the Kingdom on the Earth. I will serve faithfully even when I am dead. I promise that and I so testify in Jesus Christ's name. Amen!