Luke's Baptism

February 3, 2014

Hey wonderful family! We had a baptism yesterday and it was one of my favorites! Luke had investigated the church for 7 years before now and he finally came to church and got in baby! He is such a cool guy. He's read the Book of Mormon more than once already so I think he's good to go.

Elder Murdock and Elder Tanner
[What did you do during the Super Bowl?] During the Super Bowl we went and saw our Recent Converts the Bautistas. I knew that Hispanics don't really care about the Super Bowl haha. I am bummed I missed out on the commercials but by the score, it didn't seem like I missed much of a game! Then we went and taught another investigator. Fun stuff! 

[What's with the three finger "word" sign in your pictures? Haha] The three fingers thing is just something fun that some of us do. I guess Kelsey said it was the swag sign? Haha I dunno.

Coach Fivas
[What fun routine you do on your "road trips" to your Leadership/Zone Conferences?] We just usually talk for two and a half hours and listen to music. It is more fun on the way back when we get dinner in Oxford, Ohio. It's a new little tradition. And really a change of pace is always refreshing :)

[When does your companion leave?] Elder Hansen is flying home on the 19th so transfers are on the 18th. Crazy! 

We had an exchange with Elder Tanner and Murdock and that was way fun! They taught us what "twerking" is... way funny. 

A typical hoosier porch complete with furnishings
We had a district activity today so I really don't have much more time than this, sorry. I hope all is well and I love you a ton!

Paz y gozo,
Elder Fivas

p.s. Mom I love your letters!! They get me a little trunky but it's fun to know what's going on.

Please wish Andrew [Kemp] and Kelsey my best in their marriage! And tell Aunt Shantel [Palmer] happy birthday! I love her! 

Also Elder Stoddard found one of mom's young women in Middletown, Ohio. I am working on getting a picture. She remembers both of you.