Introducing Elder Bradshaw

"Ginger Nation"
February 24, 2014

Hey howdy hey family! Another transfer has gotten under way! And as soon as Elder Bell announced us in Anderson, he said "Ginger Nation" haha.

Elder Bradshaw and me
with our investigator Michael.
We like him :)
So I heard that you are going to a concert [Fall Out Boy in August] with Linzi [Kelsey]! That is so cool ha! And I think that it is so neat that you went and saw Elder Hansen [in Poccatello] when he got home. I miss him more every day. 

I thought the toilets in the truck was way funny
[Tell us about your new companion!] Elder Bradshaw is from Clinton by Roy, Utah and he is 18! (ironic from last weeks email). He is a beastly hard worker! He has pushed me more than anyone else has and it shows in the numbers this week. 25 member present lessons and 9 new investigators! 38 total lessons taught. Only 2 came to church though... I will study the fundamentals better and fix that though! So that's me getting a big head about a great week. 
Austin and his friends threw a party
for his mom's birthday so we
 came and got some pizza ;)

Elder Bradshaw is constantly asking me what the next call to make is or what can we be doing while we are in between appointments and he doesn't like to be in one place for too long. It's sweet! I am getting way tired though haha. He doesn't quite know the area or the people yet so I have to do most of the missionary work besides teaching. (Which is the most taxing part) He is 7 months out.

[How many people do you have that have committed to baptism?] We committed 13 people to be baptized this past week but that is much different than actually planning on a date. I would say we have one that really should be baptized in March but she didn't come to church last week :( It's our recent convert Austin's sister. She's cool, we always have a fun time at their house!

[How often do you have dinner appointments in Anderson, IN?] In Anderson we have 0 dinner appointments set for this week but we usually get 1. 2 if it's a lucky week. We could get more if we solicited them more because the people are great, but flexible dinners have their perks too.

[What fun stuff have you done on p-days?] One time we had a district activity doing the chubby bunny challenge and that was fun. Usually the most fun part of preparation day is eating and being able to slow down for an hour or two to rest :)

And the sun came out!!
[Spring seems to be coming here, any sign of Winter letting up there?] Spring is peeking it's beautiful head out lately. We had one day in the 50's with the sun out and that was fabulous! But the high of this week is around 26 haha. I can't wait for Spring!

Best queso dip
The Simpson family made us the best queso dip I have had in my life! He told us an old Mexicana shared the recipe with him in Tiajuana haha

I sure love you family and I can feel the support you give me. I couldn't ask for anyone better!

There are plenty of hard times on the mission, and I always want to write them down because I always forget about them by Monday! Haha so things are good!

Con amor,
Elder Fivas