Good bye Elder Hansen!

February 17, 2014

Hey mom and dad! And Kelsey and everyone else who reads this. 

I had a fantastic breakfast this morning. Home fries, biscuits, sausage, and eggs... all COVERED in gravy. SO good haha All over mah body!
Elder Hansen

I will be staying in Anderson for the next transfer, I am pumped about that because there are people here that I still need to baptize. I will miss Elder Hansen though. He's incredible. He goes home to the Highland 10th Ward on Wednesday. I get my new companion tomorrow, so you will find out later who it is.
Exchange with Elder Judd

[What are your thoughts as you say good-bye to Elder Hansen?] I am excited for Elder Hansen, he's been very focused at the end and that's something I admire.

I swear I didn't do it ;)
I am very glad you are taking care of the missionaries out there. And thank you for taking care of this one with your valentine package! Those gross cinnamon hearts made a mess but it was a cool idea ;P

[The missionaries in our area, Elders Carter and Stockham shared a music CD called Work.  We wondered if you are familiar with our favorite song on it.  I don't know the title but it says "Children go where I send thee! How will I send thee? 10 by 10. 10 for the 10 commandments...".  If you don't have this song already, we HAVE to send it to you! I will always have a fond memory of the Elders and your dad singing it at the top of their lungs as we drove them to Rigby.] I have that CD actually, that song is fun to jam out too. I haven't listened to it in a while. Did Kelsey ever show you the ones that I sent home?

Bro Carmanie
Well here are some pictures of my adventures this week! Bro Carmanie has a sweet organ room and black toilet!

I love you!
Elder Fivas