January 20, 2014

Elder Fivas and Elder Seegmiller
Hey Family!

We had a fun Saturday! As a mission, because the "Book of Mormon" musical came to Cincinnati, we had a day full of members coming out with us and taking pictures to flood the area with good things about us on the internet while people are googling the play. So you can google #socialmediasplit and see some fun pictures of me!

Elders Sunderland, Clare, Fivas
We brought Elder Day and Elder Judd from Noblesville over for an exchange and had a killer day together. They were both very excited about what they learned and were very complementary. I sure love those two! Also on the exchange, while Elder Day and I were out hitting the area, I was reminded that I am not dependent on Elder Hansen. It's nice to be reminded that I am self-sufficient in doing the work. (Not without the Spirit) I still can't believe I have another year of intense growth and learning!

Elder Clare and Elder Fivas
The zone did really well this past week as I am sure most of the zones did. We did lack in church attendance... We will fix it though! No one really makes breakfast and there is a lot that can be changed so we'll do something to get investigators to church every day. You know, like actually doing something every day to get our investigators to church! 

The social media split was a lot of fun and was a great success in our area. It was a fantastic idea!

Elders Gunnoe, Fivas and Tanner 
My personal studies are improving and I am learning to ask God to help me ask the right questions to get the right answers. Things continue to be on the up! And Elder Hansen is still working hard, even this close to the end. The mission is good! 

I am happy and always hungry, lately we have eaten a lot of good food too so thank you for the Christmas money and gift cards! It really is the best gift for me!

That's all for now y'all!
Elder Fivas

p.s. Make sure Uncle Danny and Logan know how much I miss them! I love my extended [family] so much! Telisha you rock! 

All of my great zone friends! I love the Muncie South Zone!