Happy New Year 2014!

January 6, 2014
A Colt's Lanyard and a Liahona
The note says "It's served me well,
I usually already know where it points ;)"
Wristbands for Kelsey

Happy New Year to you too family! 

Did you ever get my Christmas package? I sent something way cool and I will be bummed if it's lost because a member gave it to me... 

[Tell us about the crazy cold you're having/expecting.  How does that effect the missionary effort?] So this crazy cold is pretty crazy fun! I still worked yesterday but we weren't allowed to drive so we had to walk in these big wet flakes of snow. Church was canceled which was a huge bummer because we could have easily gotten home after sacrament no problem. 

In all seriousness I am surprised at how crazy this cold makes these people. It brings out everybody's "wussie side" haha But we aren't supposed to be outside today at all for more than 5 minutes at a time because it will cause frostbite with 10 minutes exposure or so. With the wind chill it is supposed to be -30 or lower so it's a good thing we have a car to keep us warm! 
The car shows -8 degrees at 9:59 am

[What did you do on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day?] On New Year's Eve we worked just like normal. haha We had appointments so we didn't have to worry. We did come in an hour early though. We went to bed at normal time but woke up at 11:59 so we could use our party poppers I bought :P It was fun to hear everyone shooting their guns and banging on their pots and stuff.

New Year's day was actually very normal, nothing to report from what I can remember. 
Elder Fivas, Robert, Austin,
Elder Hanson, Elder Stoddard

[Tell us about the big guy that got baptized.] So the big guy's name is Robert and he is actually a recent convert. The tall guy is named Austin and he was the one that got baptized. Robert baptized him it was way cool. So Austin didn't have much religious background at all and it was a blast to teach him. His personality actually reminded me a lot of Tony [Archuleta] so I really like Austin. We hung out at the Christmas party and stuff. He learned quickly and I was there for his first prayer ever and the spirit was very strong. So he knows it's true now and his friend baptized him! 

[How much of your day is unscheduled with appointments and routine?  What do you do during that time?] It's funny that you asked about scheduled appointments. At best we have the evening set from 5-9 with appointments, also before lunch and a couple around 3:00 or so. Elder Hansen and I actually have had a record for us. Since Thursday 12 appointments in a row have dropped... Including church... Haha, bad luck! But that just means a big miracle is on the way.

I mentioned that Elder Hansen and I have had that bad luck streak and not Elder Stoddard because he was actually transferred to Fort Wayne for the week to fill in for an Elder who finished his mission. So we miss him like crazy. I love Elder Stoddard and I am pumped to hang with him after the mission and throughout!

If appointments fall through, we knock a couple of doors around them, or we use the lists of less actives or part member families or former investigators to find, teach, and baptize!
Elders Fivas and Hanson

[How many elders and sisters are in your zone? How often do you do splits with them?] There are four sisters in my zone and twelve Elders including us. And who said we can't do exchanges with the sisters? Haha just kidding. The sisters actually have sister training leaders that do exchanges with them but we go on exchanges once or twice a week. It's fun! There is a lot of training to be done. I am not even a year out and I am the 3rd most experienced missionary in the zone! 

[How many wards/stakes are in your zone?] Four wards and one branch is in my zone which is the southern half of the Muncie Indiana Stake.

[What are the members like?] The members here are amazing! Some of them have done crazy things in their lives but man are they solid now! There are a lot more converts in Indiana. It's cool to see those families who have been baptized a couple years ago and they are still learning and building their faith so much! There are a couple people who were raised in the church but I would say that 90% are converts. I really do love this [Anderson] Ward. They take good care of us. The McKenzie family actually fed us corned beef and cabbage!!! I was in heaven!
Elder Homewood was Brayden's Trainer

I got Tony's email, I was over the top excited! 

I love you all so much!

Elder Fivas

p.s. I can't thank Elder Homewood enough for handing me down his scarf! Scarves are brilliant!