Fun week full of adventure and meetings!

January 13, 2014

[And then there were two...its] just me and Elder Hansen:) Elder Stoddard is now a zone leader in Middletown, Ohio!

Man can I just say how much fun it is to be a zone leader? It is a lot more responsibility but it's pretty rewarding to see people and areas change and Leadership Council Meetings are just fun! I love all of the missionaries that I get to see there! I just keep getting more and more friends! Woo-hoo! Also, I have more great news, I found where the Little Caesar's is in Anderson! Yeah baby! 

So the drive to leadership was way fun and it was great to be back in Ohio for a day. It's so interesting to see personalities of the states differ!

I love Elder Carter and Elder Cullimore serving in Muncie! We share the same Stake so we get to see them here and there. Elder Cullimore is going home in February with Elder Hansen and his girl has still stuck with him up to this point haha! On the way back up we stopped in Oxford where Miami University is to grab some dinner. We went to Skyline and let me tell you, I forgot how GOOD Skyline is! How can I live without it and White Castle when I get back? I dunno... 

Elder Tanner and Elder Seegmiller are both really stepping up to the plate in a big way. They are both such fantastic District Leaders and they are growing up so quickly! I remember Elder Tanner's first day down in Eastgate and now when he is calling to report on his District and telling us about the revelation he has been gaining for the Connersville Elders I can hardly believe how much more mature he is. Elder Seegmiller is just as sharp and is on his way to being a powerhouse missionary. He just already seems to be taking charge wonderfully. He's grown up since last transfer as well! 

I feel so much more powerful and confident now in teaching. Elder Hansen is just a great tutor.. Our area is progressing and we are very close to having a couple of investigators on date and baptized. We will have one this month at the very least. The zone is turning the work up even though Satan is fighting viciously against their investigators. We are confident in them though, especially recently as they [the zone] have focused up again these last two days because of a small call to repentance by their Zone Leaders. 

I have been thinking recently about Spanish work and what I can do to help them with all that I have been learning. I didn't know the difference it can make to have so many more people to teach! With more people to teach, it is much easier to have backups, especially when you have a member out with you. Never just tell the member that they are out of luck because the appointment fell through.

I have [been enlightened] on "teaching powerfully". Now, when I don't have to study how to say things in a second language, I just teach better, especially with using the scriptures and a logical pattern that I make clear to the investigator. The 45 minute summaries of the lessons in Preach My Gospel are wonderful for studying the trails of logic. I know that the best teacher I have ever seen using the Spanish language was definitely Elder Carranza. And now I realize how much faster it is to progress as a teacher in your own language, so that makes sense that he is the best.  I am not sure if it is because I have a master teacher for a companion or if the language barrier really is that powerful, but I have come leaps and bounds further. My ways of thinking have changed when in a lesson, so maybe that's all it takes. 

When you always know where to go next with logic and a scripture, you can always get investigators back on track and/or their answers to your questions won't easily throw you into a direction that you didn't plan on. 

I did hear that the Spanish Elders don't have cars now which is going to be really hard for them to find as many Latinos. I do feel that our Elders can find the Latinos sufficiently but they don't know how to teach as well as they could in order for their investigators to understand. It's hard enough to do it in our first language! So really, the thing that I would want for the Spanish Elders, is to catch how it is to teach really well. But I do not know how the Elders teach besides Elder Carranza and Elder Arveseth. Well that was my rant!

Life is good for me even though 0 out of 20 investigators that we had set to come to church with rides and everything came... Haha lame but the ward conference was great! I really love this ward! I am just happy :) Not all of the time because I am still trying to work the lazy out of me, but I wouldn't rather be anywhere else!

Oh, and clearly I am in Anderson for another six weeks to kill off Elder Hansen :)

I love you family!

Here is a picture of awesome Bro McKenzie's tire shop!! We got stuck in the snow, then the tire somehow got off of the rim, then we put the spare on, then we got dug out, then we got a new tire :) Adventure is out there haha