Response to Hosting the Elders

December 16, 2013

[The following is an email sent from Brother Kyle Morey, the High Councilman Brayden is working with, to Brayden's Mission President, President Porter.]

Hi President Porter, 

We recently arranged for our elders here in Anderson to meet with one of the top executives, and her husband, of Hoosier Park Racing and Casino---one of our largest employers in the county.  She actually hosted them at the restaurant within their facility (on the racing side, no worries about gambling :-)). 

Although she was hesitant at first to do so, I thought you would enjoy reading her response to my follow up survey: 

Dinner with Jahnae and her husband at the Casino
hi Jahnae, you are a superstar!  Thanks again for hosting them last night and snapping a picture!  Very nice.

By way of a simple follow up, would you answer the following short survey?

What were your overall impressions of the missionaries? 

I thought they were polite, very presentable, intelligent, well-spoken and gracious.  They were good communicators (great listening skills) and worked well together as a team. 
What topics came up?

Too many to mention.  You know me, I talked a lot!  We asked them many questions about their parents, hometowns, siblings, girlfriends, friends etc.  We spoke about their goals, the mission, their timelines, plans for the future etc.  We talked about how they help folks, what they say to people who agree to speak to them about their faith and what obstacles they have had to overcome as a result.

They also gave us a brief summary of the tenants of their faith. 

What, if anything, did you learn new about the LDS faith? 

I learned more about what wasn’t true, actually.  They dispelled several myths and they were very non-aggressive with that.  What a sacrifice these young people make!  But, as they informed me -  they get much out of the experience (greater life success, personal fulfillment, better communication skills, confidence, good judgment and maturity.)

I am hoping to find other influential people like you who would be willing to host them, would you recommend anyone at Hoosier Park or in your network? 

I mentioned to them, that I’d like for them to meet a group of friends of mine who typically gather on Tuesday nights to dine.  But, since next Tuesday night is our Holiday dinner and shortly thereafter the holidays,  I’m not sure when I can make that happen.  I did tell them that I wanted them to meet my son, Drake and his friend Nate.  I’ll start to figure out how to accomplish this in the near future. 

I think my biggest takeaway was this:  While their beliefs and lifestyles are very different from mine, they were respectful of our differences and because of their casual communication styles and overall “coolness”, I felt comfortable with them.  Leading up to our meeting, I wasn’t sure that I would (feel comfortable).  Thank you for introducing me to them, Kyle.  

[Another email sent from Brother Kyle Morey to President Porter. ]

President Porter,

Merry Christmas and greetings!  Just wanted to share a quick note from one of our more prominent business owners and community leaders in our area [I believe they are funeral home directors] who recently hosted our elders serving in Anderson. Thank you for sending these find young men our way!!  >>>


We really had a good time with the three missionaries.  Two of which are not feeling very well. [I believe Brayden wasn't sick this day] Elder Hanson said two of the three got food poisoning last night and were sick during the night.  (Kyle, I am SO bad with names and the only last name I can remember is Elder Hanson's name because he made a joke about people get it confused with "Handsome"!)

But the Elder from Idaho (although the other two told us that their family has moved to Idaho since they have be missionaries) [Elder Stoddard?] had a bad cough along with the food poisoning.  He was very kind and well spoken, but I could tell he was miserable because he didn't feel well.

Jane and I would like to take them out again when ever they have free time.  Our schedules are hectic and we are last minute planners.  Elder Hanson has both Jane's and my cell phone, but we failed to get his.  If you could get me any of their numbers, we could call or text them if we are going to a nice restaurant, an event or if I am cooking up something that the said they liked.  Especially over the holidays since they are probably missing their family over the holidays.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity, we introduced them to a few members of the club and they were very much gentlemen.  We really learned a lot and hope they had a good time.

Rob & Jane