Preparing for Christmas

December 23, 2013

An Indiana sunrise. 
First and foremost my wonderful family, I do want to apologize for some misfortune. I sent you my Christmas package but it is incomplete. I had bought you cards and a memory card and filmed a video of me talking but I lost them!! I couldn't believe it :( So sorry about that, your gift was supposed to be a little cooler. They still haven't turned up... But Merry Christmas and know that I tried haha

[What have you done for service opportunities?] So I don't think I have done any service projects since I have been here. It takes a little explaining. So with my super trio we are hardly ever all together to do anything like teaching. We either have a member out with us or another companionship in the zone to learn from us. So two of us go out and the other one goes on a temporary exchange with the member or another missionary so we cover twice the ground. Yeah baby! It works well. Last week we actually had 14 lessons taught with a member present. (which is a key indicator) I have never gotten close to that in spanish work haha plus we taught 12 lessons in one day last week. Good work here! 

Our good friend Reynalda got baptized last Friday! It was a wonderful turnout and program. I just can't believe how strong the spirit is at a baptism. Mmm it's just something savory! I will send the pictures. 

So last night for dinner we ate with the Jackson family and it was a blast. They keep drum sticks velcroed under their table so they can drum on the table and glasses and stuff. So we layed a sick beat with everyone playing a different part of the beat. It was so fun! They are a neat family! I just love so many people that I meet here, it makes me hope that these people that I love even will remember me. Anyway, we had a wonderful lunch with the Rodeman family. They are wonderful and so nice! She took pictures so hopefully she sends them. They even gave us awesome Christmas presents. I haven't opened mine yet because I decided to wait until Christmas but that is so thoughtful! She and her husband are very sweet and are some of the best people I know. We always have a good time when we see them.

[What do you do on your p-days in your new area?] For preparation days we usually just nap after we eat something delicious. No frolf or anything like that, but we are planning on going bowling with the district next monday.

[What are your plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas?] For Christmas we have the other half of our preparation day until two where we can open presents and then clean :P We are ending our preparation day today at 1. I am going to Great Clips and I can't wait for that! I have been cutting my own hair for a while and I think Great Clips will look a tad better :P 

Dinner of cookies and ice cream thanks to Linzi Kelsey
So we are having a lunch with members and they are going to let us use their phones. We get 35 minutes again so be expecting my call anywhere from 2-3:30 my time, depending on whether we eat or call first. 

Then for dinner we have this awesome family that invited us over. They met us at the country club where they fed us and they like us enough to invite us back! What a blessing to have a non member family invite us for Christmas dinner!! Other than that we will be teaching and caroling and bringing baked goods just like every other day ;P

[Tell us about your mission Christmas program] The Christmas program was way hilarious and very nice. They called up 12 acts on the spot and had them each do a little thing in their groups whether it be hula dancing or reading Twas the Night before a Kentucky Christmas. Very funny. Then we had a spiritual thing in the chapel with singing and line reading much like a primary program, just less cute and funny :P

So life rocks. I miss you a lot actually. It is so different to have Christmas out here away from what usually matters most. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am eternally grateful for the families that take care of us out here while my own family is far away.

The Book of Mormon is a healing balm to me or anyone and is the most powerful book on the planet. Christ is real and so are the feelings he sends us by the Holy Ghost. Focus on that for Christmas and your life will very much be improved.

That's all for now! Talk to you later this week!!! I am so pumped!

Elder Fivas

p.s. I was cross country skiing on the road :P Makes it more fun!