Fun, Experiences, and Memories

December 9, 2013

My goodness this week has been so long!! I feel like I have a transfer's worth [6 weeks] of fun and experience and memories here! And then I remember I still would be very lost without a GPS here haha.

Hangin out with a couple of Assistants
Elders Fivas, Bowden, Hansen,
 Parker, Stoddard
Life is good and very fun here in Indiana. The work is on the up and we have wonderful people that we are teaching who will be baptized. There is James and his family who I love and talk with. They made us delicious marinated pork chops just for fun. I have been down in Richmond on exchanges with fantastic young missionaries Elder Beckman and Elder Seegmiller. Great stuff! Elder Seegmiller is in the same stake as the Thomas family, he lives in the neighborhood west of them. He knows Logan. 

Just goofing around
[What are the responsibilities of a Zone Leader?] So some other responsibilities of a zone leader is to go to leadership council at the mission home once a transfer to learn and be trained and to pick up supplies to distribute to your zone. We [do] exchange[s] a lot to train and we analyze weekly key indicators to see what we can do to help the zone get better. Also we meet with the Stake President (who is awesome here, might I add) and it's a great training for real life. President comes with us and evaluates over dinner afterwards, tons of fun and growth. 
So the Walters family from Tooele sent me a letter telling me that they used to live here in Anderson and they gave me some people to look up! I am way excited for that and it was a thoughtful letter, thank you. Who would've thought? [Our good, good friends,  Lori and Glen Walters, spent 3-years in Anderson, Indiana where their first two children were born.  Their oldest son, AJ, is serving in Guatemala, and is a good friend of Brayden's]

I have a ton of pictures to comment on and send so here I go. 

Elder Hansen
Elder Stoddard
Elder Hansen

Elders Hansen and Fivas celebrate 
Stoddard's birthday. Bacon for breakfast

Pork Chops with James and his Girlfriend

Homewood Street
(Elder Homewood was his trainer)
The Ohio River

The last supper with the EastCherry bros. With my first Monster...