Spanish Zone Leader?!

November 25, 2013
Happy Thanksgiving family!
I AM SO PUMPED to hear that Cody McEachern is coming my way! That's is so cool. He is such a great kid and will make an amazing Elder. This place is the best mission in the world!
And to answer your question, [what cold weather gear does he need to bring?] it gets frigid cold here in a wet air sort of way. So when the wind blows it's especially nasty. I have found that my scarf helps me out very nicely and that sweaters are a must! It snows much more in Utah so I wouldn't worry about boots and short coats work fine. Just be sure to layer up, and thermals aren't a bad idea. Just protect yoself from the wind! 
Well it's actually transfer week and I have been told that I am outta here. It breaks my heart because I love the Eastgate area and things are really starting to move. But I know it's for a purpose and that purpose was actually made clearer to me when President called me and informed me that I am going to be a zone leader tomorrow. Oh man, I haven't even been a district leader but I am very excited. I am pretty sure that means I will be down with Elder Carranza [who is a Spanish Zone Leader] in Northern Kentucky but who can guess transfers? But until you know, just email me because I won't be living in Eastgate anymore.
I was bummed to hear that I am leaving EastCherry for awhile because the work is really picking up here. I feel very strongly that they will get a baptism in December. Things were clicking with new investigators and we started getting a lot of commitments to come to church! I just love the work and right now I feel full of faith. I know that God answers prayers and I am pumped to see what answers I get in the future! Miracles baby!
Thank you so much for sending me that Thanksgiving package! I am very excited to share it and it was a very nice surprise! Everything needed was in there, especially delicious Golden Bears ;) [Brayden's favorite Arizona lemonade]
Ok question 2, [Do you do exchanges with the members?] I have never done an exchange with the members but the goal is definitely that they are there when we teach. Members are the most powerful missionaries.
3. [Any mission traditions for mission milestones? 6 month, 1-year?] There is the tradition to burn a tie, then a shirt, then pants, then a suit but those cost money and I am not burning them haha. Every Thursday however we always get Papa Johns, that's a fun tradition unique to the four pad. (That I am leaving tomorrow)
4. [Chili and Spaghetti?  What other strange concoctions are you cooking up for yourself?] I am a master at making Norske Pannekakers. They are pretty much crepes haha. Skyline chili is way good though!
5. [How are your suits surviving?] Suits are doing good but the top button on my black suit is literally hanging on by a thread. I need to learn how to sew those on. I don't normally wear the lighter one because I only have one pair of pants for it.
6. [Have you been losing weight?  You've been looking a little leaner.] I have lost 10 pounds but I am staying around there. There is definitely more to lose haha. My suits and pants are staying too big though which is better than too small!
7. [What activities have you been doing on your p-days?] I played football on a pday and the other ones we usually just chill or play some sort of sport. Pdays are actually one of the most stressful days, that surprised me. There is never enough time to play!
8. [Still playing soccer?] All of the Honduranians that we played soccer with have gone to playing indoor soccer at night when we should be in bed so I don't get to play anymore. Maybe in my new area though :)
9. [How do you feel about a possible transfer this week?] Well, you did know it was transfers! I am pumped to head to more responsibility but I will miss this area dearly. The mission is quite the heart exercise, always growing and being ripped down. haha
Well thank you for the questions mom, and the old gift card was a wonderful surprise haha.[We came across a Visa Gift Card from last December given to Brayden from Nana. We thought he might actually want to use it!] 
That was a fun email to write! I love you all tons!
Con amor,
Elder Fivas
p.s. Have Gunner email me because I don't know how to get a hold of him! I miss hearin from that man!