God is looking out for you!

November 18, 2013

Missionary life with Elder Marchello
This week was very satisfying to me! We really focused on getting 20 lessons because we knew that it is very possible but we were not hitting it, until last week baby! We just made sure that we were outside of the apartment focusing on inviting people and the Lord blessed us with people in our path as well as new opportunities with Hispanics we met. I couldn't imagine someone not having the knowledge that God is looking out for them. Everyone needs to know that! 
Fall Leaves

Elder Pape caught with his mouth full and Elder Tanner
I experienced plenty of joy and laughs this past week. I have nothing to complain about! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and training with Elder Smuin last week. He is such a sharp missionary and one of my role models. I am grateful for my time with him. He was an answer to my prayers for more training, and I am still ready for more! He did ask me how I would feel if I switched to English work. I just told him that I am confident that God will assign me right where I need to be, English or Spanish. It's just really nice to know that God is looking out for me personally and all of the people I care about.

Elder Marchello and Elder Fivas
We played real life Minecraft this week shoveling out blocks of lawn for Bro Pierce. It was pretty fun. We have plenty of funny things that go on throughout the week but I can never really remember what to write about when I sit down to email.
Livin' that missionary life with Elder Pape

There was a huge storm last night, the tornado sirens went off and everything, that was pretty cool.

Missionary work really is a joy. Whenever I am out working doing the Lord's errand I am happy. It's cool to feel so good when I am working because I never thought that I would be happy while "working".

Livin' that missionary life with spaghetti
The people here rock and I am enjoying life as much as ever. Transfers are coming up next week right before Thanksgiving which means changes are coming my way. It's a bit of a bummer because I love all of the Elders I serve with and live with especially. It's lame to think that there is very little chance that all four of us will stay again. But hey, you meet new people that you love every transfer so how can I complain?

Plenty of miracles come my way as I exercise faith according to my inspired plans and goals.  And it is just so cool to see God's hand in circumstances unforeseen. He is so aware of every little detail in everybody's life!

Well here are some pictures to fill in more words!
Elder Burt's Birthday?

I love you so much mom and dad!
Elder Fivas
Who's Birthday? Not Elder Fivas'