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October 21, 2013
Cincy Swag with me and Elder Pape

The Spanish work is progressing here in Cincinnati!

Hearing about the 3 baptisms in the Spanish zone made me ecstatic! Two of them were investigators that Elder Arveseth and I had found and taught so it is always nice to see some fruit of our labor. It is just wonderful to have the Spanish work continuing to grow. 

The work here in EastCherry is still going good. There are areas that we are still improving on like "finding" [investigators] for example. The people are loving us more and we are building good relationships and softening hearts. I can always feel when I am following the Spirit and accomplishing my purpose.
Funny picture, and yeah,
we knocked on their door ;)

The Hispanics have invited us out to play soccer with them on Friday's and that has been a great "finding" opportunity. We only went once but they are asking us to come play again, so it sounds like hearts are being opened to us and to our message. 

Tic-tac-toe while we were gone
(crazy english elders)
Also, we have refocused on the members that we do have so we can use them to "find". It's still a work in progress but we have a part member family that is reading the Book of Mormon quite quickly and enjoying church and baptismal services. The challenge is that she goes back to Mexico for Thanksgiving 'til after Christmas. I have confidence in the Lord as I strive to do my absolute best in helping her to the baptismal covenant.

John Taylor bullet to the watch
(seriously we don't know how that happened)
Elder Marchello is still great. He is such a tough guy and he impresses me every time we go out. He has no problem talking to people and often teaches more than I do. His Spanish makes me laugh but hey, it wasn't long at all ago that I was struggling to find words as well. He will definitely be a powerful missionary, as he is one now.

I loved hearing that Uncle Brian Thomas has a new Stang! Logan rocks and I love him tons! Seriously, I miss my family a lot out here. I realize how fun it was at Nana's or in Kaysville or South Jordan or in Idaho Falls with Telisha and the Fivas' or talking with Aunt Wanda or Uncle Keith! Family really is a gift and a source of great joy. Woah, didn't mean to gospel out but it happens when it's true ;)

Happy birthday Elder Pape!
More pictures for ya!

I got my chores done, it was a party ;P

Who needs plates?

Yes that's a flame