Stansbury Newsletter #2

October 14, 2013
(The mission goal is 222 baptisms this year)

**Every 3 months Jamie Anderson compiles a newsletter about a group of missionaries from Stansbury High.  Her son is serving in Taiwan. This is so they can stay in touch with each other.  The following are her questions.**

1. How has the age-change of missionaries affected your mission?

Elder Fivas and Elder Tanner
The age change has made all the difference in the world to this mission. Half of the 230 missionaries here have less than two transfers under their belt. A lot of these young bloods just came from high school from the class of 2013, including my first born son Elder Marchello. I don't know what it is like around the world but currently the ward I serve in has two sets of sister missionaries, a set of English Elders, and The all powerful Spanish Elders, us. That's 8 missionaries in the ward.
(Brayden's secret admirer wall)

2. Is there anything that has surprised you about your mission?  Something you didn't expect?

Our "family pictures"
Something  that surprised me about the mission is 
the amount of stories of loser missionaries. Seriously I had no idea how many jackwagons are out trying to serve without the spirit. On a more positive note, something that also surprised me is how much I have grown to love these people! My heart grows everyday to fit more people in and I care so much about these people I meet. Missions are wonderful, but everyone knows that.

Part-Member Family at the Flores' house
3. Is there an area of growth you've experience?  More confidence? Patience? Trust in the Lord?

Something that has grown in me is a softer heart. There is more crap in this world than I had seen or realized but I still care for the people doing horrible things. Care and patience are key when there are so many disappointing things in mission life. I have grown in patience for myself and that has also been such a merciful change in my life. It is crazy amazing to see God's hand in my personal life and in the life of the people I know.
More "family pictures"

4. Any advice you'd go back and give yourself before you left home?

The advice that I would give is to wake up earlier, and go to bed later, eat out more, and memorize lyrics of my favorite songs. Get more out of normal life. There are so many things that I miss haha.

5. A testimony is always appreciated!

Sweet grocery store that receives from
all parts of the world. Jungle Jims
It's all true. I know it, and the Book of Mormon is key for me knowing it. Read it every day.

Elder Marchello and Elder Fivas

Me getting my teeth brushed
Brayden's dad has jokingly been known to say
"I'm too tired, will you brush my teeth for me?")
Elder Tanner's gift to me and my wall
One of Brayden's most quoted song lyrics:
 "Don't drop that thun, thun, thun!")