Investigator Updates

October 28, 2013

Ok dearest mother, thank you for the questions! I love you tons and can't thank you both enough for what you do so consistently. Keep feeding the missionaries, especially the Spanish ones ;)

Q: Tell us about the people you are teaching.  How many are you working with?  How much of your time is teaching vs. tracting? 

Me and Elder Bell who I flew out with
A: I am teaching great people that like to feed us. Our investigator named Leticia actually has finished the Book of Mormon in two weeks and is getting baptized on the 8 of November. I am so excited for her and I love that family to death. We found her through her less active husband Oswaldo. He is an awesome and very humble man and [came] right back into church no problem. We had to do some asking around but we finally knocked into him and taught his wife and things are going great! It is such a blessing to meet a small family like theirs.

We have another family we are teaching from Puerto Rico and they rock! It's always a fun time at their house. They have such a strong accent and it's hard to understand sometimes but they speak pretty good english too, haha. Their son John Michael is even more hyper than Trace Barney can be haha. Doris is another investigator and she rocks, we see more light in her every time we see her. Also there is this 22-year old named Guillermo that is going to teach us some soccer tricks, woot woot!

Elder Barnett one of my zone leaders on the left
We usually see the same people over and over but not too much progression so we have to find the pockets of hispanics in our area. It's a really nice area and pretty wealthy and there are not as many hispanics as in the other areas. But I LOVE it here. We don't tract much, we just ask the people we meet if they have any Hispanic neighbors, haha. I am not out and about as much as I used to be because we have so much study time to do now.

 Q: Are you still playing "frolf" on -days?  

A: We haven't "frolfed" in a couple of weeks because we play basketball and stuff but I think we are going to play today. 

Q: Are you still driving 30-minutes to your area?

A: And no I don't drive out to Norwood. That's it's own area now, Elder Arveseth and I were just testing the waters out there and getting things started. That's where Elder Arveseth is serving right now actually. I just stay in the eastgate area.

Elder Tanner being quite the lanky gangsta
Q:There is a Sister Fide Contreras that posts regularly on your facebook page.  Tell us about her.

A: I actually met Fide out in Norwood. I love their family. Elder Arvesth and Wells tell me that their family always say they miss me and stuff. That makes me feel way good. I miss them too. I was humbled to know that she was posting nice messages on Facebook to me. (Kelsey asked for a translation of what she said)

Q: We recently saw the new Missionary Life manual.  Have you gotten it yet?  What do you think of it?

Sick Cincinnati Bengals Papa Johns boxes.
 It's pizza night every Thursday for us.
A:The new missionary life manual rocks! I don't have to use it that much at all actually. Elder Marchello had one and so I looked through it. I only had to use it twice or something like that. I have my own now because of zone conference. It is a great resource and I am glad it's out.

Q: A Sister in the ward told us yesterday that her missionary is now proselytizing on facebook.  Is that in the works for your mission?

A: I have a couple of friends using facebook in their missions. Including Elder Boekweg right? Yeah it's in the works here as well. I hear that we are going to be doing all of that within the next year. Elder McElroy in the Orem mission already has iPads. It'll be cool. That way I can get in touch with Tony [Archuleta]. I miss that chavo [guy] so much!

Q: And do you still want D&C 38:32 on your missionary plaque?

A: And yes I still want  that on my plaque. When are you going to do that? haha People want to see this beautiful face on our church wall :P

Well life is still good and the work is moving forward! Thank you so much family for your support!

Con amor,
Elder Fivas

and p.s. I am seriously craving a Big Mac right now. haha

Tell Logan [Thomas] Happy Birthday for me on the 1st!