Conference Weekend

October 7, 1013

This week was wonderful and East Cherry area continues to see miracles. Elder Marchello is the bomb! I really appreciate the confidence you have in me and it pushes me to become greater. I just want so badly for these Hispanics' lives to change. I love the people more every day and my heart just grows to fit all of these new people in.

Conference weekend was just stellar and I recieved great revelation from every single talk given. Just a few quick thoughts about super general conference,

Sat. Morning
Elder Pape
Elder Hales reminded me that study is required for inspiration and Elder Bednar taught me that Christ has the power to help me change circumstances.
Elder Tanner

Sat. Afternoon
Elder Ballard helped me to realize there is quite a literal meaning to "ask and ye shall recieve, knock and it shall be opened unto you" for us missionaries.

Elder Funk taught me that God magnifies my abilities as I am obedient and President Monson taught me that the best way to teach someone is by being a real friend to them.

Elder Fivas the mailman
Sun. Morning
Elder Maynes reminded me to work out my spirit by practicing the things I learn and Sister Oscarson brought up the excellent question if we are expecting a reward with out asking for it.

Breakfast Sunday morning antes de la
Conferencia General

Sun. Afternoon
Elder Burt
Ekder Ochoa brought up that there is a time and a place for marbles, and it's not when there is work to be done with a storm on the horizon.

Love you all a lot! Especially that brunett down at BYU!
Take Care,
Elder Fivas
Reorganized living room

DJ Tanner for some
after work dance parties