Investigator Updates

October 28, 2013

Ok dearest mother, thank you for the questions! I love you tons and can't thank you both enough for what you do so consistently. Keep feeding the missionaries, especially the Spanish ones ;)

Q: Tell us about the people you are teaching.  How many are you working with?  How much of your time is teaching vs. tracting? 

Me and Elder Bell who I flew out with
A: I am teaching great people that like to feed us. Our investigator named Leticia actually has finished the Book of Mormon in two weeks and is getting baptized on the 8 of November. I am so excited for her and I love that family to death. We found her through her less active husband Oswaldo. He is an awesome and very humble man and [came] right back into church no problem. We had to do some asking around but we finally knocked into him and taught his wife and things are going great! It is such a blessing to meet a small family like theirs.

We have another family we are teaching from Puerto Rico and they rock! It's always a fun time at their house. They have such a strong accent and it's hard to understand sometimes but they speak pretty good english too, haha. Their son John Michael is even more hyper than Trace Barney can be haha. Doris is another investigator and she rocks, we see more light in her every time we see her. Also there is this 22-year old named Guillermo that is going to teach us some soccer tricks, woot woot!

Elder Barnett one of my zone leaders on the left
We usually see the same people over and over but not too much progression so we have to find the pockets of hispanics in our area. It's a really nice area and pretty wealthy and there are not as many hispanics as in the other areas. But I LOVE it here. We don't tract much, we just ask the people we meet if they have any Hispanic neighbors, haha. I am not out and about as much as I used to be because we have so much study time to do now.

 Q: Are you still playing "frolf" on -days?  

A: We haven't "frolfed" in a couple of weeks because we play basketball and stuff but I think we are going to play today. 

Q: Are you still driving 30-minutes to your area?

A: And no I don't drive out to Norwood. That's it's own area now, Elder Arveseth and I were just testing the waters out there and getting things started. That's where Elder Arveseth is serving right now actually. I just stay in the eastgate area.

Elder Tanner being quite the lanky gangsta
Q:There is a Sister Fide Contreras that posts regularly on your facebook page.  Tell us about her.

A: I actually met Fide out in Norwood. I love their family. Elder Arvesth and Wells tell me that their family always say they miss me and stuff. That makes me feel way good. I miss them too. I was humbled to know that she was posting nice messages on Facebook to me. (Kelsey asked for a translation of what she said)

Q: We recently saw the new Missionary Life manual.  Have you gotten it yet?  What do you think of it?

Sick Cincinnati Bengals Papa Johns boxes.
 It's pizza night every Thursday for us.
A:The new missionary life manual rocks! I don't have to use it that much at all actually. Elder Marchello had one and so I looked through it. I only had to use it twice or something like that. I have my own now because of zone conference. It is a great resource and I am glad it's out.

Q: A Sister in the ward told us yesterday that her missionary is now proselytizing on facebook.  Is that in the works for your mission?

A: I have a couple of friends using facebook in their missions. Including Elder Boekweg right? Yeah it's in the works here as well. I hear that we are going to be doing all of that within the next year. Elder McElroy in the Orem mission already has iPads. It'll be cool. That way I can get in touch with Tony [Archuleta]. I miss that chavo [guy] so much!

Q: And do you still want D&C 38:32 on your missionary plaque?

A: And yes I still want  that on my plaque. When are you going to do that? haha People want to see this beautiful face on our church wall :P

Well life is still good and the work is moving forward! Thank you so much family for your support!

Con amor,
Elder Fivas

and p.s. I am seriously craving a Big Mac right now. haha

Tell Logan [Thomas] Happy Birthday for me on the 1st!

Still going, still good looking ;)‏

October 21, 2013
Cincy Swag with me and Elder Pape

The Spanish work is progressing here in Cincinnati!

Hearing about the 3 baptisms in the Spanish zone made me ecstatic! Two of them were investigators that Elder Arveseth and I had found and taught so it is always nice to see some fruit of our labor. It is just wonderful to have the Spanish work continuing to grow. 

The work here in EastCherry is still going good. There are areas that we are still improving on like "finding" [investigators] for example. The people are loving us more and we are building good relationships and softening hearts. I can always feel when I am following the Spirit and accomplishing my purpose.
Funny picture, and yeah,
we knocked on their door ;)

The Hispanics have invited us out to play soccer with them on Friday's and that has been a great "finding" opportunity. We only went once but they are asking us to come play again, so it sounds like hearts are being opened to us and to our message. 

Tic-tac-toe while we were gone
(crazy english elders)
Also, we have refocused on the members that we do have so we can use them to "find". It's still a work in progress but we have a part member family that is reading the Book of Mormon quite quickly and enjoying church and baptismal services. The challenge is that she goes back to Mexico for Thanksgiving 'til after Christmas. I have confidence in the Lord as I strive to do my absolute best in helping her to the baptismal covenant.

John Taylor bullet to the watch
(seriously we don't know how that happened)
Elder Marchello is still great. He is such a tough guy and he impresses me every time we go out. He has no problem talking to people and often teaches more than I do. His Spanish makes me laugh but hey, it wasn't long at all ago that I was struggling to find words as well. He will definitely be a powerful missionary, as he is one now.

I loved hearing that Uncle Brian Thomas has a new Stang! Logan rocks and I love him tons! Seriously, I miss my family a lot out here. I realize how fun it was at Nana's or in Kaysville or South Jordan or in Idaho Falls with Telisha and the Fivas' or talking with Aunt Wanda or Uncle Keith! Family really is a gift and a source of great joy. Woah, didn't mean to gospel out but it happens when it's true ;)

Happy birthday Elder Pape!
More pictures for ya!

I got my chores done, it was a party ;P

Who needs plates?

Yes that's a flame

Stansbury Newsletter #2

October 14, 2013
(The mission goal is 222 baptisms this year)

**Every 3 months Jamie Anderson compiles a newsletter about a group of missionaries from Stansbury High.  Her son is serving in Taiwan. This is so they can stay in touch with each other.  The following are her questions.**

1. How has the age-change of missionaries affected your mission?

Elder Fivas and Elder Tanner
The age change has made all the difference in the world to this mission. Half of the 230 missionaries here have less than two transfers under their belt. A lot of these young bloods just came from high school from the class of 2013, including my first born son Elder Marchello. I don't know what it is like around the world but currently the ward I serve in has two sets of sister missionaries, a set of English Elders, and The all powerful Spanish Elders, us. That's 8 missionaries in the ward.
(Brayden's secret admirer wall)

2. Is there anything that has surprised you about your mission?  Something you didn't expect?

Our "family pictures"
Something  that surprised me about the mission is 
the amount of stories of loser missionaries. Seriously I had no idea how many jackwagons are out trying to serve without the spirit. On a more positive note, something that also surprised me is how much I have grown to love these people! My heart grows everyday to fit more people in and I care so much about these people I meet. Missions are wonderful, but everyone knows that.

Part-Member Family at the Flores' house
3. Is there an area of growth you've experience?  More confidence? Patience? Trust in the Lord?

Something that has grown in me is a softer heart. There is more crap in this world than I had seen or realized but I still care for the people doing horrible things. Care and patience are key when there are so many disappointing things in mission life. I have grown in patience for myself and that has also been such a merciful change in my life. It is crazy amazing to see God's hand in my personal life and in the life of the people I know.
More "family pictures"

4. Any advice you'd go back and give yourself before you left home?

The advice that I would give is to wake up earlier, and go to bed later, eat out more, and memorize lyrics of my favorite songs. Get more out of normal life. There are so many things that I miss haha.

5. A testimony is always appreciated!

Sweet grocery store that receives from
all parts of the world. Jungle Jims
It's all true. I know it, and the Book of Mormon is key for me knowing it. Read it every day.

Elder Marchello and Elder Fivas

Me getting my teeth brushed
Brayden's dad has jokingly been known to say
"I'm too tired, will you brush my teeth for me?")
Elder Tanner's gift to me and my wall
One of Brayden's most quoted song lyrics:
 "Don't drop that thun, thun, thun!")

Conference Weekend

October 7, 1013

This week was wonderful and East Cherry area continues to see miracles. Elder Marchello is the bomb! I really appreciate the confidence you have in me and it pushes me to become greater. I just want so badly for these Hispanics' lives to change. I love the people more every day and my heart just grows to fit all of these new people in.

Conference weekend was just stellar and I recieved great revelation from every single talk given. Just a few quick thoughts about super general conference,

Sat. Morning
Elder Pape
Elder Hales reminded me that study is required for inspiration and Elder Bednar taught me that Christ has the power to help me change circumstances.
Elder Tanner

Sat. Afternoon
Elder Ballard helped me to realize there is quite a literal meaning to "ask and ye shall recieve, knock and it shall be opened unto you" for us missionaries.

Elder Funk taught me that God magnifies my abilities as I am obedient and President Monson taught me that the best way to teach someone is by being a real friend to them.

Elder Fivas the mailman
Sun. Morning
Elder Maynes reminded me to work out my spirit by practicing the things I learn and Sister Oscarson brought up the excellent question if we are expecting a reward with out asking for it.

Breakfast Sunday morning antes de la
Conferencia General

Sun. Afternoon
Elder Burt
Ekder Ochoa brought up that there is a time and a place for marbles, and it's not when there is work to be done with a storm on the horizon.

Love you all a lot! Especially that brunett down at BYU!
Take Care,
Elder Fivas
Reorganized living room

DJ Tanner for some
after work dance parties