Transfers: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

September 4, 2013 

The one with me making the face was a
freak accident candid picture. Cool right?
Hey howdy, hey family! Well you probably guessed [its] transfer weeks because I haven't emailed you yet! I have some crazy news! Elder Arveseth and I are finally parting ways and it is quite sad. I get to stay in this nice new apartment (we moved to a different apartment) and we have no idea where Elder Arveseth will be. Well of course we have speculation but as Elder Oaks said, that doesn't matter at all. So my new address is 4025 Vinings Dr Apt 159 Cincy OH 45245 but I am still in the same awesome ward.

Crazier news is that I will be a trainer. Elder Arveseth too. I can't believe it, I am very excited. I thought I was too young to have a son but there are a lot of missionaries coming in so I am up for it :)

Investigator family and our Spanish group in the ward
with our investigator Doris and her son
So parents I will need a Garmin GPS pretty soon. I might just buy one but I would rather have you buy it :) :) And by pretty soon I mean please send me one on express the day you read this if it isn't ridiculous to ship. :) Haha I love you parents!

So we have been living in a 4-pad for a couple days and I love it. It is so much fun but so hard to concentrate. Reminds me of BYU haha.

So the Wood family let me know that Dustin Cook is heading to Mesa on a mission! That is so dope and I am so happy for him. 

Also mom, about that article about that missionary [who survived the train accident in] Spain yeah I know him. I had some classes with him :P Crazy!

Also mom there is a Ohio Cincy mission facebook page. Sister Porter loves pictures. Check me out and tag me! 

I am just so happy and I feel the love, everyone! I am pumped for Kelsey back in Idaho and and I am pumped for Sadie at the greatest University in the planet. Life is good and God is perfectly great. The Book of Mormon is the greatest thing ever, even better than Call Of Duty Ghosts on the new XBOX One coming out. 

I will tell you how training goes. The families in Norwood are great. I am going to miss them so badly. The one on the couch is Carlos' family. The one by the stairs are some "eternagators" and the Ortiz family.

Much love,
Elder Fivas