September 30, 2013

I cannot believe how much goes on in just a week's time. So many memories that come so fast!

I very much enjoyed my interview with President Porter. He gave me some huge compliments and I really feel that he loves me so that's always good. 

p.s. Selfie Sunday
I Learned wonderful things from the training and had a very powerful experience role playing with Elder Moore (who is on scholarship to play football at BYU when he gets back so look for him).

The Spirit is guiding me more every day I feel. I have gone to bed happy and satisfied as I have pushed for our goals and done what I can. I learned an important lesson from Telisha who sent me something that her old mission President said. He said, "Do good. Trust God. Don't worry." It filled me with peace and helped me refocus on why the key indicators are there and to remember my purpose in every minute of the day. There is always more but I wan't you to know that I am still seeing growth in myself! Thanks a million Telisha bug!

My companion Elder Marchello rocks and I love him. He impresses me so much and talks just as much as I do out on the street or in a lesson. That says so much, that he is willing to open his mouth and does so well. I couldn't be happier with him. He is very willing to obey and listen. I trust him and he trusts me. I am very happy God knows me enough to trust me with Elder Marchello.

The Eastcherry area is on the verge of exploding. I can feel it in the airwaves. (that's why I titled the email the way I did [T-minus who knows?]) I feel like I really belong here and the people we are teaching now have a real potential to be baptized. I get closer to the members every week and meet more of them. I don't want to over talk this but really the work is going towards more baptisms here and more converts. We are being hugely blessed as we try everything to do what the Spirit says. I actually read today in 2 Nephi 28:30 that he who hears more will receive more. I am putting that into effect and I expect God's results. I am just very happy.
The notes I keep finding from my secret admirers
Thank you dad for giving me some insight and advice. It doesn't surprise me one bit that you trained for a lot of your mission. We keep way busy too, just like you did. A little too busy perhaps seeing as we seldom have time to study the 12 week training haha. That's why we have repentence! I do want to ask if that hispanic abuela story is true. or the one about teaching the soldier. If you have time to tell me more about your mission I would love to hear about it. Just write what the spirit brings to your remembrance. ;)
Dog pile
Well there is a Puerto Rican family that we are teaching. We are going to make them dinner on Saturday between conference sessions. They rock. Their 11-year-old son John Michael was so excited to see us last time. It made me feel so good. He was playing Captain America in spanish which made me chuckle.
Our investigator Doris rocks too man, she told her job she had to go to church this Sunday and that they had to wait for after church until she could come in. So many good people! One of the little girls I met at a member dinner last night told me I was the most awesome missionary ever and that sure made me feel good. I am a hit with the 5 graders I guess ;)
I got to watch a bit of a Real Madrid game on tv the other day, that was sweet. They are so good!
Elder Pape and Elder Tanner and Elder Barnett and Elder Burt are so great! I will be friends with all of them forever! Each transfer just gets more and more fun. We are always together at the end of the day which makes it very hard to plan but man I am just so happy.
 Elder Burt is the closest to the camera
 and Elder Pape is the other face you can see.
Elder Tanner is against the wall
 and Elder Marchello is under them all! haha
Well that's all you get for today!
Love you all so much!
Thanks for the letter and meals paid for, Nana and Andy!
White Castle and Skyline Chili is delicious!
I am so proud of all my friends serving around the world!
Elder Tyrel Barney is looking real fresh!
Ok bye, Elder Fivas