Response to letters from home

September 23, 2013

Hey family!

Love to hear that things seem to be going really well! But who would tell their missionary all the bad things in life right? Haha
My Sweet Spanish District

Deep fried deliciousness from the fair sounds wonderful and way to go with your class, mom! 

Also it made me overjoyed to read that Sister Prince from Fairfield had posted something that her family likes me. They rock and I miss them.

Me looking Euro
So I work where I live now more or less. Elder Arveseth works in Norwood not me. But I still eat out about half of the time because it's easier and cheaper than buying healthy groceries. So McDoubles or pb&js are my options. Still love them both :P

So the computer kicks me off in three and a half minutes... I write the stories that I want to share in my journal so I can have material to talk and joke when I get back haha so I don't take the time to type them to you usually.

Photo: Elder Fivas
As for me eating that delicious tostado on my knees... It was just really messy and I had to take care of my white shirt. So I used the counter instead of a bib haha.